Which online RN to BSN program, while working FT?

  1. Which online RN-BSN program would you recommend while working full time? preferably without clinicals. I'm NOT going to pursue MN/PhD.

    I may consider the local college as well since I prefer human interaction but certain online programs may be more cost-effective and faster as well.
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  3. by   serenity1
    I do the online program through Grand Canyon University. It is 12 classes(depending on what you have had), each is 5 weeks long. I work full-time and still pick up extra shifts when I can. It is very doable. No clinicals involved. My hospital has a partnership with them and we get a discount on tuition. Good luck in your search.
  4. by   misswhitney
    UWF and UCF offer online programs. Not sure where you are from, but those are the cheaper ones in Florida.
  5. by   mo2rn
    Hi you can check out Ohio University. there is a thread on AN you can check it out.Students share there experiences on working while in the program and much more.Good luck on you decision.
  6. by   mo2rn
    Serenity1 if you don't mind what is the cost per credit for grand canyon and how many nursing credits are needed to complete the program
  7. by   serenity1
    Quote from mo2rn
    Serenity1 if you don't mind what is the cost per credit for grand canyon and how many nursing credits are needed to complete the program
    I needed 12 classes which were 36 credits. A co-worker only needed 10 classes because she had taken other prereqs before applying. I think they still require a minimum of 12 classes--you can test out of some of them as well, but I did not and do not know much about it. The cost per credit hour is $450--high, but I receive tuition reimbursement and a 20% discount through my hospital. I looked at ASU as well, but I like taking one class at a time. It took a few weeks to get used to, but it works with my schedule very well. I started when I was still on night shift and it was fine. Hope this helps.
  8. by   Mr I Care
    USA - University of South Alabama Nursing is the program I am starting soon. It is strictly online. It cost $340-350 per credit hour. From what i heard on here it is a good program. They offer rn-bsn in three semesters or four
  9. by   akanini
    Western Governors University. Online.
  10. by   susannyc
    I successfully completed the on line Chamberlain RN-BSN program while working full time. It took me a little over 2 years. I'm a diploma grad with a BA in a non-nursing field, so I had to do 6 general education courses. I survived and graduated about a year ago with Presidential Honors! Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  11. by   Pixie.RN
    There are hundreds of programs. I usually recommend students check with their local colleges and universities first because so many have online programs, and the tuition will likely be less expensive. Good luck!
  12. by   boyblue
    I have my RN license and I wouldlike to do the RN-BSN degree online ,but I just don't know which school offers the best online classes. Does any one has an idea?
  13. by   just keep swimming
    I'm currently working on mine at Mankato State University MN online. I work full time as does my husband (who is also in school) and we have 2 children (3&4yrs). I will complete this program in a total time frame of about 1 1/2 yrs taking 1-2 classes at a time including summer term. I paid about $2500 this semester for 8 credits. The curriculum just changed to require 10 classes, however since I started with the old curriculum, I only needed 8 classes (total of 33 credits). I have been able to find time and get straight A's so far. Good luck!
  14. by   boyblue
    Thanks Nessa, I currently live in NewYork, but I will check it up.