What can anyone tell me Excelsior Nursing program?

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    I'm very interested in the Excelsior Nursing program, but I'm so skeptical about it. Anyone here who can enlighten me more about the program, tuition, dos and don'ts, e.t.c.

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    I don't know anything about that particular program, but I do have to say go with your gut...there must be a reason you're skeptical??
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    **Huge word of advice: Find out if your state BON will allow you to sit for the NCLEX-RN or if you will need to meet preceptor or endorsement requirements, or sadly if they don't recognize the degree.

    Excelsior isn't an easy way out, the exams are difficult and you are doing the study/prep yourself.
    I thought it seemed very intimidating to self study but you get textbook, nursing journal articles and the college's virtual library to study from and a content outline is furnished by the college with all the reading sources on it.

    They have some of the nicest advisors ever to talk to with any concerns or problems. Very helpful, and I never get the feeling I should already know the answer when I ask a question.

    Yes it is self study but by no means are you alone.
    I have waited 18 years for the right program to come along and I found it. Very pleased.
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    i am currently in the excelsior program. it works great for me. you have to be very self motivated. i was doing great and got discouraged over A&P. finally took that in Nov and got a B. then went on and took micro last thurs and got an A! now I'm super psyched and ready to go again. i have 2 children and another due in may so it is nice being able to work at your own pace. i would recommend not going through any publishing co such as the college network and others. i have borrowed alot of books and you can buy books used and then resell them. i really like www.studygroup101.com notes. they are only $10 and have alot of information. you can also use www.instantcert.com . it is $20 a month and you can cancel anytime. i used this for gerontology, abnormal psych, and now ethics. they have alot of info there. i got an A in gerontology and abnormal psych and used both the websites i mentioned above. studying now for ethics. oh and it is sooo worth the money to take the excelsior practice exams! they are wonderful! make sure you reread over all the questions and rationals. alot of the same stuff will be on the test. well similar anyway. definetely worth it. i would give them a call and just talk to them. they are very helpful and will send you info on it and answer any questions you have. everyone there i have ever talked with by phone or via email have been very helpful and nice. you can also go under the "student" tab on the allnurses website... then go under distance learning. alot of people in there are going through excelsior. hope this helps some.
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    Go to the nurse student/ distance learning page on this site. Lot's of info & chats on the program! Good luck.
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    Moving to distance learning. Excelsior is not a nursing program per se.
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    they are accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC).
    it is all self study. it is basically like taking a final in every class. there are no assignments... so your test is your only grade for that class. you do need to check with your state board of nursing though. like the first poster said.
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    There are many threads concerning the Excelsior nursing program in the distance learning forum.
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    I just recently started with Excelsior and I really enjoy it thus far. I can study and prepare for exams on my own time and take them when I feel 100% ready. As far as tuition goes, financial aid is not offered for the undergraduate program. You can look up the specifics on the Excelsior website. I pay for everything out of pocket - the total amount you spend is waaaaaaaaaay cheaper than the tuition at a traditional nursing school. I think you need to figure out what learning style works best for you and if you have the self-discipline and motivation to go this route, then go for it! I was very "iffy" about Excelsior 4-5 months before I applied and I continuously read all the positive posts on this website and just decided to give it a try and I am VERY HAPPY I did
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    Quote from traumaRUs
    Moving to distance learning. Excelsior is not a nursing program per se.
    How is it NOT a nursing program? They are accredited, though not accepted in every state due to the fact it's "distance learning" and some people have not caught on to the fact that distance learning doesn't equate to not a real degree! No it is not a brick and mortar school, with clinical assignments and an instructor but its is well and true a NURSING SCHOOL or else it wouldn't have any accreditation at all! It just makes me upset that someone new will see this comment who hasn't done the research and go "oh it's not a real nursing program" so that's an unfair statement and and uninformed one as well!

    Just my 2 worth...

    I've been going at it for a little over 7 mo, I find it wonderful that i can move through the program as quick or as slow as i deem neccesary you can see by my signature where i'm at/grades/time frame =) I'm looking forward to finishing this spring and taking my Nclex-Rn! =) Check out Facebook's Excelsior pages including the ECE page, do searches for posts on here on allnurses, and create a FREE MyEC acct at www.excelsior.edu to read over all their info, also you can call the school and they have always been very helpful both before i became a student and after!
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