What are distance learning students doing this week? June 6th - page 2

Okay guys....quite a few of us still hammering away on tests while others are in the FCCA, CPNE, NCLEX waiting and NCLEX PASSED group (YAY!!!) What is everyone working on this week and how are you... Read More

  1. by   MsPC
    LS2, my Finite Mathematics, and that's about it. I will start working on my CPNE what not as soon as I get LS2 out of the way.
  2. by   PomPomRN
    Starting to study for Chronicity, my first exam since enrolling with Excelsior.
    To Savagetrojan - way to go you really ripped through your exams. Congrats. Everyone else - good luck on your studies and testing!
  3. by   k9kabs
    still studying for ls3. plan on taking it on the 17th...again. I hope for better than a "D" this time.

    Than I have to Clep sociology on the 27th. I hope that is enough time.

    than FCCA. I want that done before I have to studyt some tests at work in Aug.

    I don't have a clue when I will be done.
  4. by   HMtoRN
    Quote from lvnibclc
    I am working on a computer course and studying for my micro exam. I really need to get all these "phase one" ISU requirements done! I have been pretty unproductive lately so hopefully I can make some progress quickly!
    where are you taking the computer course at? I'm studying for A&P and taking spanish. I take Micro in Aug. What test have you taken so far? I'm trying to meet the November 1 deadline for ISU..
  5. by   scorpio82lse
    I am still waiting on EC to finish my preliminary review. They received my official transcipts on 6/3. I have began studying for the Health Safety exam. I did very well on the practice test.
  6. by   LadyinScrubs
    Nothing and enjoying the summer. Getting caught up on movies and tv reruns. Have order fall books and am awaiting a wonderful self-gift (a little pricy from Target but worth it)--a pergola with a 3 person patio swing attached. After it arrives, I plan to install it in the shade with netting . After all my installation efforts are finished, I and my pillow plan to take up residence for the duration of the summer or as long as the weather is good. Fall and the continuation of classes is not far away.
  7. by   stepbystep12
    confused. dont know what to do. bored too. been out 4 the last 5mnths doing nothing since i failed my first test. no courage to get back. needs help