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  1. EC Students Summer 2011 Group

    Thinking about taking Transition last...its about to bore me out of my mind lol!! Hope everyone is doing well out there!!!
  2. "Leavin' on a jet plane"

  3. Transitions

    I wish I could help you! I'm studying for this exam as well and it is a little boring. I plan on taking the test by the end of the month if I can stay awake long enough to get through the study material. Good luck!!!
  4. Im and LPN who wants to become an RN! Whats the deal with Excelsior???

    i plan on taking one exam each month until i'm done. i may take more time if its a difficult subject. i also work full-time so i find time whenever i can to study. i haven't heard or read a lot about the wait time to get a cpne test date. i'm guessi...
  5. help with purchasing study material for excelsior.

    I agree with the above posts as well. Stay away from any company that wants to lock you into a contract. They are way too expensive. Amazon, E-Bay, local libraries are good places. I have also found and to be very helpful. ...
  6. EC Students Summer 2011 Group

    The Excelsior bookstore site has a list of required books for the nursing courses. I ordered some (but not all) of the required books from I ordered the prior edition because they cost so much less than the newest edition. E-Bay and...
  7. Im and LPN who wants to become an RN! Whats the deal with Excelsior???

    I am just getting started with EC myself so my experience with the school is limited (so far it is going OK), however I can say this: *Throroughly do your research about if your state accepts EC grads *Ignore negative posts about the school-all nursi...
  8. EC Students Summer 2011 Group

    Best of luck to you! You seem to be off to a great start!
  9. EC Students Summer 2011 Group

    I downloaded the content guide from the EC website. I also purchased a downloadable study guide for Transitions from E-Bay and it had majority of the information that was outlined in the content guide from EC. I haven't set a date for Transitions yet...
  10. OMG- got CPNE date 9/9

    :anpom: GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!!
  11. EC Students Summer 2011 Group

    Thanks everyone! @Autumn...that's great!! On another note: This Transitions info is boring, y'all pray for me lol!!!!
  12. Failed again....reallly bummed

    Hang in there and don't beat yourself up about this. I'm sure that if you came this far, you know what you're doing. May God bless you and I pray that you keep the faith and determination to succeed in this program!:hug:
  13. passed Health Differences today

    Way to go!!
  14. EC Students Summer 2011 Group

    Hi everyone! I passed Health Safety today with a (B) and I was very pleased. I didn't study nearly as much as I could have. I wish anyone with upcoming exams the best of luck. Now on to Transitions!!! :)
  15. Officially freaking out now!

    I'm sure that you will do a great jobl!! Well wishes to you! :anpom: