Took NC 4 Today.. So disappointed...... - page 2

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<p>I was a complete a** today. I really should aced this one. Instead I rushed through it 32 minutes start to finished and landed myself a C. I studied so hard for this one. I know I mastered the material, I guess I just didn't... Read More

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    I am sorry your not satisfied with that excellent grade you got. I say that b/c, you are doing one of the hardest programs around ( self-study, self discipline) and you are being to hard on yourself. I have been following you from the day I started on this journey, and you as well as NCgirl35 and Lunah ( to just name a few) have been an source of inspiration to me. Please, don't look down on that C, It is still a grade to be proud of.

    Congrats on your successup:
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