RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University--Let the fun begin Sep 30 2013 - page 235

Howdy all, I bit the bullet and after much research, I decided on Grand Canyon! Wow, I did not expect BSN schools to be like used car salesmen--hounding me by emails and phone calls. Rather... Read More

  1. by   SherrieberrieRN
    I am not able to reply since I have not posted enough. The way I understand it is your mentor has to have a BSN and shouldn't be your direct supervisor. My mentor is someone I work with but we have the same management position. She has been approved by my professor. It doesn't have to be someone you work with though. Your clinical site does have to have an agreement. I would call the Office of Field Experience asap to discuss that with them. As far as the articles go, they have to be evidence-based peer reviewed articles. You pick a problem specific to nursing to write your paper over. A friend of mine wrote hers over the nursing shortage. You need 15 articles so it is best to pick your topic and start gathering info early. They actually have the capstone papers published in the library so you can get an idea of what they are looking for. Hope this helps a little. I still feel a little lost in the class but it is only week two so hopefully I will feel better at the end of the week.
  2. by   Abby rn
    I am in my nursing research class at GCU and wondering if I can get any of your suggestions for my PICO question. I work in PACU and am trying to change my PICOT question to be more of a nursing problem for my topic of emergence delirium. P=pediatric PACU patients, I= Adjunct medication given with general anesthesia in the operating room. C= Patient's only receiving general anesthesia. O= Less emergence delirium as measured by the PACU nurse using the pediatric anesthesia emergence delirium score.