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Hey guys :) does anyone know of an entirely online stats course? As in tests, final, quizzes, homework all online? I keep finding stats courses that are online, except the tests. also, I need... Read More

  1. by   tokmom
    bumping up looking for more information on the stats class
  2. by   celeste2485
    Hello, yes I am about halfway through Psy230. It is all online, even the midterm and final. I have never been great at math but there are online tools that take you through a problem step by step if you are having a tough time. My instructor, ********* has been very helpful when I have any questions or am not understanding the material. If you become overwhelmed with it while reading or doing assignments, I recommend to step away from it for an hour or two or even a couple of days. When you come back to it, you will be fresh and see something you missed before (if you're add like me). I have a 98% so far and am proud of it! Just remember, you do need to dedicate at least 8 hours a week to doing hoemework and reading. If you make the time, it's not bad at all!
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  3. by   celeste2485
    You need to have taken psy101 or mat092 as a prereq.
  4. by   celeste2485
    When you add a class on the Maricopa website, you can see the name of the instructor who will be teaching the class.
  5. by   thedewey
    PSY 230 - Prof. ---- from GWCC is great. Its online but she is a great teacher. Easy A if you stay on top of all the assignments.
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  6. by   woodsyny
    I ended up taking my statistics class online through iowacconline. 8 weeks, professor great and very non threatending,. Got an "A" in the corurse .
  7. by   Starreacher26

    Would you mind contacting me and letting me know the name of this Statistics teacher you had? I am about to enroll in Rio online stats now and a good ref is always worth the gamble.
  8. by   cuteRN007
    Hello guys. I just found this thread and very happy it exists. I am about to enroll in psy230 at rio and wondering if anyone could tell the name of a good instructor they had. I noticed some of you enjoyed the class and I believe that a great teacher plays a big role in whether or not a student understands the subject. So please if any one could send me a personal message or just give me the first letters of both first and last names, so that I can figure out who the instructors are. Thank you so much.
  9. by   cuteRN007
    also pls anyone selling a stats book? I think it's called elementary statistics. thanks
  10. by   Starreacher26
    cuteRN007 - Friendly tip - I sold my online rio salado stats book on craigslist. Someone bought it within a day of posting it. I also saw that there were other Rio books posted on Craigslist. You may want to check it out. Just be safe.

    NOTE: you will most likely need to buy a separate "Math XL" lab to go with it. Just a heads up.

    My Rio Salado online teacher was good, although - (S)tats was (H)ard for me - Nevertheless, I passed it with an A. HE was very helpful. Hopefully you will find a great teacher online at Rio.

    I can't write the full name of my teacher but hopefully you can figure it out. ( wink )
  11. by   cuteRN007
    hey Starreacher26, Thank you so much for the tips and the coded language *wink wink*. lol. I will check it out and keep you posted.
  12. by   Tiffaniebush
    I know this is a really old topic but I wanted to jump in and see if anyone had a pretty simple online chemistry I'm looking for something completely online that will transfer and that's affordable currently I am taking microbiology at Ocean county college but it is very very demanding I spend probably two hours a night on that class it was about $1800 for the lab and class so I want to avoid taking chemistry there if it all possible also I need intro to sociology pathophysiology and statistics so I need to look and see where I can find a pretty simple statistics class I will apply to the nursing program next semester if I can get all of these in time I have to pay for all of them myself so I need something affordable any help please
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  13. by   woodsyny
    Many students at my college when I did my BSN took chemistry at Clovis college and loved it! Tuition was very reasonable and it transferred to Ohio University. I believe it was Chem 113 and the labs you did at home. I took statistics at iowacolnine, 8 week class, great male professor, all online. Clovis wild be your best bet, I think it was like $88/credit for out-of- state students. Also I did not take Chemistry there. My chemistry transferred in from my ADN
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