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  1. Starreacher26

    RN to Dental Hygienist RDH anyone done it

    Thank you for the input! Glad to hear she preferred it.
  2. Starreacher26

    RN to Dental Hygienist RDH anyone done it

    I have read plenty of posts by Hygienists RDH who have gone from RDH to RN but none from Nurses going to RDH. I am interested in this route and gathering information specifically from RN Nurses who have gone back to school for RDH. I am attracted to routine, 1 pt at a time, and specialty. Here are some ?'s for you. Stress level comparison? Physical/Mental burden comparison? Patient difficulties comparison? Which do you prefer and why? Would you do it all over again? Thank you for the input.
  3. Starreacher26

    Drowning on the floor...only 2 months in. HELP!

    Julie, I too am having this problem working 3/12 hr shifts. My sleep is horrible for all the same reasons you stated. My mind is constantly thinking about pt situations and having to go back to work the next day. Even my days off are fill with anticipated dread. I am thinking of switching to 1 day of week just like you. I am more concerned about my health and longevity than the money.
  4. Starreacher26

    Trial shift at an endoscopy clinic

    I'm curious if the pay rate is comparable to med-surg nursing? I am looking to get out of med surg nursing. It has beaten me to a bloody pulp, and I can't do it much longer. Anyhow - any word on the pay comparison from someone who has done both?
  5. Starreacher26

    2018 Arizona New Grad Salaries

  6. Starreacher26

    2018 Arizona New Grad Salaries

    Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) - Has anyone heard what their New Grad rate is?
  7. As a nurse that works for Cancer Treatment Centers of America - What are your thoughts or experiences? I have not heard much about this hospital and I am curious. Do you feel supported? Do you like the culture? What is pay scale scale like, new grad and experienced What is the patient to nurse ratio Just curious to know more about people's working experience here.
  8. Starreacher26

    ? Delineation of practice for CNA/MA in wound care

    I received no responses yet, so I restarted this topic under a different title. Perhaps that will attract a couple responses. The thread is now under "CNA doing wound vacs??"
  9. Starreacher26

    CNA doing wound vacs??

    WOC professionals, Do CNAs place wound vacs in your healthcare setting? In my wound clinic CNAs can place wound vacs. Our CNA is wound certified. The certification class she took was for CNAs. Regardless....I have never seen this before. I am wondering if CNAs doing wound vacs is more common than I know. What are your thoughts:happy: ---------------------------------- PS I started a thread last week but noone responded, so I'm attempting again with a different title.
  10. Attention WOC professionals, Does anyone know what the scope of practice is for a CNA in wound care? I am curious about the delineation in care from an RN, based on what I've seen in my care setting. There are some things I've seen CNAs do in practice that I didn't know were in their scope...for example wound vac placements. Perhaps this is acceptable, and I just am not in the know. Please, educate me.
  11. Starreacher26

    2018 Arizona New Grad Salaries

    I've *HEARD* These are some starting salaries for new grads this 2018 year. Day shift flat rates. Honor Health: $28.50 per hr ($30.25 at year anniversary) Banner: $27.00 per hr Mayo Hospital: $31.00 Abrazo: $26.76 ($28.71 at year anniversary) Dignity: $26.00 Phoenix Children's $25.00 Please correct or add if you know and were offered different
  12. Starreacher26

    Banner New Grad Experience

    Does anyone know what the starting pay is for a new grad at Abrazo, day shift?
  13. Starreacher26

    2018 Arizona New Grad Salaries

    For all those new grads looking for this info online, let's compile a new list for 2018. Let's see if we can get most major hospitals: Banner, Abrazo, Honor Health, Mayo, Maricopa, PHX Children's and so on. Where do you work? What is your New Grad Salary?
  14. Starreacher26

    Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2018

    Very interesting...my Mayo Portal interface looks entirely different today. I'm thinking they may have done a website overhaul, at least for the jobbing/profile portion. Then again, I just updated my computer so maybe that has something to do with it.
  15. Starreacher26

    Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2018

    Just saying, but the wait is killing me. UGH! I just want to know already so I can quit thinking about it every 5 minutes. LOL. I'm sure others are feeling the same. #Sleeplessinphoenix