Which online RN to BSN program, while working FT?

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    Which online RN-BSN program would you recommend while working full time? preferably without clinicals. I'm NOT going to pursue MN/PhD.

    I may consider the local college as well since I prefer human interaction but certain online programs may be more cost-effective and faster as well.
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    I do the online program through Grand Canyon University. It is 12 classes(depending on what you have had), each is 5 weeks long. I work full-time and still pick up extra shifts when I can. It is very doable. No clinicals involved. My hospital has a partnership with them and we get a discount on tuition. Good luck in your search.
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    UWF and UCF offer online programs. Not sure where you are from, but those are the cheaper ones in Florida.
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    Hi you can check out Ohio University. there is a thread on AN you can check it out.Students share there experiences on working while in the program and much more.Good luck on you decision.
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    Serenity1 if you don't mind what is the cost per credit for grand canyon and how many nursing credits are needed to complete the program
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    Quote from mo2rn
    Serenity1 if you don't mind what is the cost per credit for grand canyon and how many nursing credits are needed to complete the program
    I needed 12 classes which were 36 credits. A co-worker only needed 10 classes because she had taken other prereqs before applying. I think they still require a minimum of 12 classes--you can test out of some of them as well, but I did not and do not know much about it. The cost per credit hour is $450--high, but I receive tuition reimbursement and a 20% discount through my hospital. I looked at ASU as well, but I like taking one class at a time. It took a few weeks to get used to, but it works with my schedule very well. I started when I was still on night shift and it was fine. Hope this helps.
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    USA - University of South Alabama Nursing is the program I am starting soon. It is strictly online. It cost $340-350 per credit hour. From what i heard on here it is a good program. They offer rn-bsn in three semesters or four
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    Western Governors University. Online.
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    I successfully completed the on line Chamberlain RN-BSN program while working full time. It took me a little over 2 years. I'm a diploma grad with a BA in a non-nursing field, so I had to do 6 general education courses. I survived and graduated about a year ago with Presidential Honors! Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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    There are hundreds of programs. I usually recommend students check with their local colleges and universities first because so many have online programs, and the tuition will likely be less expensive. Good luck!