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The CPNE I brought my husband with me this time. We got to the Hilton across the street from the hospital at around 12:30 and settled in. I reviewed my flash cards and mnemonics and took a Xanax and shower. Went over to... Read More

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    Zimsaint, I don't have my ATT yet. I am guessing it'll be Sept/Oct.
    Newark is a subway ride away - Port Authority (PATH) runs what we called "The Tubes" back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth.

    Jersey isn't going to give anyone trouble, either.

    Linden is further south - I'm originally from Staten Island, and getting to NYC from Linden would be a PITA. The Oranges would require a train to the tubes.

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    And it looks like Georgia will be losing a lot of fine, smart nurses. Way to shoot yourself in the foot, GA.
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    Thanks for posting your CPNE experience. I'm counting down the days...
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