I did it!!!! Yah!!!! FCCA/CPNE......Here I come!

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    I am so relieved to have passed the dreaded LS3 on my 2nd attempt. That exam was extremely difficult.....even more so than my 1st attempt at it. I believe that I passed because I was more prepared this time. But honestly, if I had the time I would have studied for another 2 weeks before taking. I am just glad to put that one behind me! I am taking a well-deserved vacation starting in 2 dys. I will focus on my FCCA/CPNE application when I get back. Hoping to apply to NPAC & SPAC.

    Thank you all for your support.
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    Yay!!!! Congrats!!
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    you deserve the clapped hands!!! Congrats!!
    Welcome to the "CPNE Club"!!!!!
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    Congrats!!! Hope I get the same results, studying right now for my retake of LS3 Good Luck with the CPNE!!
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    congrats......... d; welcome to the club!!!!!
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    Congrats!!!! I hope to be in the same boat after saturday. I take LS 2 and then hopefully (fingers crossed) I am onto the FCCA, and CPNE.... woohoo for you!!!
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    glad to hear it! Did my notes help???
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    Congrats!!! So happy for you!!
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    Thanks guys!

    What a relief! Whew!!

    @K9kabs...sent you a pm yesterday. Did you get it? The notes really helped...not so much the Sg101 & LA...just didn't have the time to break those down, yours on the other hand was to the point. I also continued my use of Saunders but it was not sufficient for this exam.

    @Beachnurse....going to the same tutor Ursula used. I spoke with Ursula and she said the tutor was fabulous!
    Perhaps you should consider her K9kabs! Let me know.

    All those studying for this exam: be very prepared and know your disease process--all of them! A lot of priority nursing and S/Sx of the many diseases. Also know the differences. I even got 2 maths calculations, 6 choose all that applies and a fill in the blank and the correct sequencing of nursing actions! I think they made the 2nd exam especially more difficult for me!

    Good Luck, you can do it too!

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