GCU RN to BSN capstone course - page 2

Good golly, I have gone through GCUs entire program with no difficulty. This capstone course requires a 'mentor' and it is literally taking a ridiculous amount of my time setting up paperwork and... Read More

  1. by   MissA87
    Hello I feel the same way, does anyone have an example of the ISP (Individual Success Plan)? It will be a great help.
  2. by   azspence87
    hello MissA87 I am also in my capstone class now and just started this week at GCU. I didn't know if you had any luck with the ISP I am very confused and have been trying to work on it all week and feel like I am submitting it blind.
  3. by   Deadpool619

    Does anyone else in current capstone not have grades posted since week 6? Were in the final week now mind you..