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    This is not really an informative thread I guess, but here it goes. I have been a member her for quite a few years, I think my profile says 2004, but it was before that b/c I was a member here before that but I forgot my old username. And, eventhough I have quite a few issues with it AN, is wat led me to my current path, at Excelsior. Before AN I don't think I had ever even heard of EC.

    Anyway, to my point, in all of the time I spent here I've seen a lot of distance students come and go. Some,some stayed at EC but just faded away from ere, some just graduated and left the DL board (CONGRATS to all of them btw), some graduated and left AN completely, and some dropped out and choose a different path and left AN. This also goes for the other DL programs, like Deaconess.

    Now, I spend a lot of time just coming to the board and looking. Most of the time I don't have the time to post, sometimes I just like to observe. But, I've noticed that I just don't see the types of posts tat I used to. Or maybe it's just me.

    Okay, now really on to my point. I know that this at times can make students feel alone (I know I do). I mean I don't anyone to study with, but just "knowing" who your classmates are is nice. Now there is always EPN for EC students, but I personally don't care for it much (too much to deal with with pop ups and all), and therefore, don't go on it unless I'm am looking for a specific answer (which I usually don't find).

    So this thread is just for us all to chime in, so everyone knows they are not alone in our own element of AN so to speak.

    I encourage everyone of us to chime in and keep everyone aware of your progress every now and then.

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    I'll start.

    I first enrolled in EC in December of '06, but didn't take any exams until January '08.

    I now am studying for NC5 (which I hope to take this month, if someone at Pearson cancels). I then will have NC 4 and 6, along with some CLEP exams (hopefully all in early March) before I'm CPNE eligible. Then just Anatomy, and Micro to graduated.

    My biggest problem now is not really staying motivated, but staying focused with everything else going on in life. And I sometimes get upset with myself when I see that I am not focusing; because I already have NC 4,5, and 6 paid for, and I have all of my study material for all of the rest of my exams (including CLEP). I am so fortunate, I just need to focus.
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    I'm still here but I agree people don't post as much. I come on this board daily to see whats going on. I am working like mad to finish preparing myself For Health difference across life span(NC4). I take it Saturday(23rd)and I'm kinda scared considering I didn't pass transitions. But I have really been studying and doing pretty good on the practice test. My burden right now is that my credit card keeps going up because I've had to charge a few things to keep me going in this program. I just registered for Lynn's workshop for June and bought her CD and workbook. After this test I plan to take Health Difference 3(NC6) and then Health Difference 2(NC5) because I heard it was the hardest. My motivation right now is my job. I work in LTC and the staffing is terrible. There is just no help and I'm doing my job and helping the CNA's too. Every time I think about it, it makes me sit down and pull out my books.

    I started this program and took my first test November 1, 2007. I graduated from LPN school in August 2007 and passed the NCLEX in September 2007. I'm gonna do everything possible to get through this program.
    I really thank everyone for your support.
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    Hi everyone~
    I too check with AN daily but don't always have time to reply. I just enrolled in EC in Jan, but have been on the EC train since May '07. Since then I've taken Micro and Essentials:Health, Safety. I'm currently an LPN working @ our local hospital in TCU on noc shift as a "lead". Which is a charge nurse without the title LOL. Anyways, I'm hoping to finish up quickly since the sooner I finish the sooner my family will move outta MT to WA state.
    I've recently talked with my boss into letting me cut my hours down from 32/wk to 24/wk as to free up more time for my studies. I find that between working full time and having 3 kids (4 if you count my husband) that at the end of the day I just don't really have the energy to study. I'm trying to not get discouraged with it all and am currently averaging a test every 6-8wks.
    I enjoy reading all of your posts and seeing everyone's progress.

    Remember everyone....WE CAN DO THIS!!:typing
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    I check in here daily, too, even though I'm in the CPNE-wait holding pattern. It's so much fun to watch everyone's progress! I never thought I'd be the one waiting on the CPNE. I enrolled in July of 2006, but didn't take my first exam (A&P) until May 2007. I didn't even take an exam that required enrollment until I had been enrolled for nearly a year! Whoops. Live and learn.
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    I was highly motivated to do distance learning with excelsior from each of you. I am an LPN 5 years in Louisiana. I attended a local community college but was unable to pass my last semester in December '07. I decided to not allow that to deter me from my goal of becoming an RN. I applied to Excelsior in January '08. I officially enrolled 2 weeks ago. I passed my first test on the 9th. Discovered I really do not have that many courses to take before applying for my CPNE. In fact they are looking at courses to possibly see if I have to take their nurse concept test. I am currently concentrating on Lifespan. Overall, if it were not for allnurses I would not have done Excelsior. I am not sure what I would have done. The experiences of each individual on this board is truly my guide. Each of you motivate me to work hard towards my goal.
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    While I'm extremely motivated to get the nursing exams done I'm terrified of the CPNE!! I've had 15 yrs of health care exp but just 2 months of LPN exp in peds home health. In my LPN clinicals there wasn't a lot of structure at our different sites. It pretty much was just following an RN around. So I'm hoping that the critical thinking skills I acquired while working as a CNA in the hospital the past 9 yrs will help me in the CPNE?
    I finished LPN program 11/07 and enrolled w/ EC beginning of January 08, took 2 exams so far w/ another 2 scheduled for this Thursday, have the lifespan exams scheduled for March 3rd, 14th, and 21st, have 2 kids, a wonderful husband, and work 60+ hrs/wk!!! Whew, I can't wait for this to be done...LOL. My question for anyone out there is have you taken or know someone who's done the focused clinical competencies assessment at Pearson yet?
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    Susie, I think any patient care you've done will help with the CPNE! Sounds like you're really powering through the exams ... good job! Sounds like you're busy!!

    I don't know of anyone who has reached the FCCA stuff yet ... I'll be interested to hear how that is! Not that I have to take it, thank goodness, but just out of curiosity.
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    I graduated from LPN school in May 07. Studying, working, waiting on the NYSBON, I finally took the boards in October 07. Sent my application to EC in November 07, also got a job then too. Just got off orientation two weeks ago, finally took my first EC test last week.

    I've got two more scheduled, but I'm not too confident about Transitions so I may have to hold off on that one until I feel better about it. In the meantime, I'll concentrate on Reproduction and Chronicity.

    I'm so motivated to do this program, apart from you guys I don't know anyone personally who's going this route. I really want to do this but it soooo hard to keep going when no one's there to push me.

    I'm trying to finish the exams by May, I have Micro (I'll take with EC) and A&P2 (not sure if EC or brick and mortar) decide during my 7 to 9 month wait for the CPNE. I plan to take EC's workshop and another, but I'll cross that bridge when it comes.

    I work at a major hospital in this area, I'm one of the few LPN's on the floor. I work and do everything like an RN, I want to be paid for it and EC is the way.
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    Quote from Lunah
    Susie, I think any patient care you've done will help with the CPNE! Sounds like you're really powering through the exams ... good job! Sounds like you're busy!!

    I don't know of anyone who has reached the FCCA stuff yet ... I'll be interested to hear how that is! Not that I have to take it, thank goodness, but just out of curiosity.
    I'm under the impression that the FCCA will get me in the nursing process/assessment mode way of thinking (or rather how they want me to think), or so I hope . It sure seems that nursing programs make it so much more difficult than it really needs to be!

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