Can't believe it!!

  1. It's been such a crazy week, just got my status update and found out I am CPNE eligible AND that my info lit class transferred!!!! Starting to feel a little overwhelmed, but super excited to be at this point. And I'm in shock that the class transferred after they basically told me they almost never accept other classes. Sweet!

    OK so a few questions for all you vets...

    1. How do I know when I'll be ready to test? I would like to think I'll be ready by the beginning of July, but I have NO clue how much work I need to do.

    2. Which testing sites should I apply to? I will be testing in the NPAC and I'm willing to travel to any of the sites, but I've read some great things about some of the sites and not so great things about other sites. I'm sure it's all based on individual experiences, but you know how it is to read too much!!

    3. How hard are the CLEP exams? I'm taking 2 hopefully in April. Are they similar to the EC exams?

    I think that's it for the moment, but I can't even think straight because it's all happening so fast!! I didn't think I would be able to apply for the CPNE until after I took the FCCA so this was a big surprise tonight!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Can't answer as to the CLEP exams. Apply to all of the NPAC sites. You will get a date quicker. Also mark on your form that you are willing to accept a cancellation date. As for time to prepare. Nobody is ever ready. Give yourself a minimum of one to three months of intense preparation. You know you best and can motivate you best. Get Robs CPNE DVDs as a starter and welcome to the CPNE club!
  4. by   SLCRN
    Meg as long as your within the 21 of 31 gen ed credits you become cpne & fcca eligible, same thing happened to me. As far as when you'll be ready, its gonna be up to you & how much time you have to study, are you taking a workshop etc. Npac is currently scheduling May & June, they have reopened the York site, I'm not sure about Chambersburg, haven't seen any dates yet. They also look at the date you put as your ready date & will schedule you after that. A suggestion might be to call them & see how long the current wait is...Congrats & happy studying!
  5. by   GCmomRN
    Thanks for the quick advice! And you're right, the best motivator for me is a deadline so I think I will say my ready date will be July 1 and hope for the best. On the list of NPAC sites Chambersburg is listed but it's not listed under the descriptions (neither is York) so I'm not sure what's going on there. So I think I will spend March studying for the CLEP's and then get crackin on CPNE stuff April, May, and June and I might take a workshop in late May or June. Phew! It's going to be a busy spring for me
  6. by   erinp88
    Meg -

    I wouldn't worry about the NPAC at all!! Everyone is posting wonderful things! Majority of groups and often entire groups are passing at sites each weekend. A lot of the faculty that answers questions are CA's/CE's at NPAC sites. I've heard they are very encouraging and calming.

    When it comes to determining if/when you're going to be ready ask yourself these questions -

    Do you want to take a workshop? With who? Schedule it now! My final thought on workshops is that I really could have used one for the simulation labs only. I highly recommend Documentation Online through Excelsior. I've kind of changed my tune about Sheri Taylor's online workshop.. Confused the crap out of me for care plans. I believe you can get enough help through Dr. A regarding care plans for free to understand what you need.

    How are you with basic assessments?

    This is how I have broken it down in my head! Basic assessment skills, paperwork and lab simulations. All along keeping it simple, safe and clean! We'll see if that's how I feel next weekend!
  7. by   Pixie.RN
    Meg, congrats!! That is exciting news!!
  8. by   lisamc1RN
    Congratulations, Meg! Welcome to the CPNE club. I have a date in May for York, which means that I'll have about 3 1/2 months of studying for it by then. I sure hope that's enough.