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GCmomRN has 8 years experience and specializes in PACU.

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  1. GCmomRN

    Fnp at stony brook university

    Nope. And I just noticed that they pushed back the application deadline to January 19 so I'm not sure what that is going to mean for decisions. I'm just assuming I'll hear in March...hopefully.
  2. GCmomRN

    Fnp at stony brook university

    They said hopefully by February or March.
  3. GCmomRN

    Fnp at stony brook university

    Interview was a group so it was interesting. I wouldn't give up hope yet, they said it could take up until the end of Feb or March to send out decisions.
  4. GCmomRN

    Fnp at stony brook university

    I think I submitted my application late September. I heard from them about 10 days before the interview date.
  5. GCmomRN

    Fnp at stony brook university

    I applied to the Stony Brook PMHNP program for 2017. I have my interview on Monday!
  6. GCmomRN

    Pmhnp program

    I just applied to Stony Brook PMHNP program. It's mostly online and has a good reputation as far as I know! I know in state tuition isn't bad, not sure about non-resident.
  7. GCmomRN

    RT to RN Programs

    I was an RT and I went through Excelsior for my RN. You do have to be careful since some states will not accept Excelsior grads (Florida and California plus a bunch of the other states have restrictions).
  8. I'm currently enrolled in Villanova's online RN-BSN program and I'm just finishing up my first class. I really like how this class was run and I hope this is how the rest are run. It's a new program so they are very invested in being connected with the students and making sure everything is running smoothly.
  9. GCmomRN

    Malpractice Insurance Providers

    Thanks for posting this, I am having my husband look into adding it to our homeowner's as well.
  10. GCmomRN

    Bachelors degree advice

    If I were you, I'd go right for your BSN. This will set you up for many more educational opportunities in your future and most employers these days are starting to only hire BSN nurses. I know it's tempting to do a shorter program so you can start working sooner, but you have your whole life ahead of you and your future goals may include going for an advanced degree. Best of luck to you, you are very smart to be doing your research before jumping in!
  11. GCmomRN

    Daycare and Nursing

    We have an au pair who lives with us. For us it ends up being less expensive then daycare or other options for 2 kids, plus with our crazy hours it's been priceless for the flexibility alone. If you have an extra room in your house it's worth looking into!
  12. GCmomRN

    How long for EC to send transcript to BON???

    I graduated Sept. 17 (2010) in NY and took the NCLEX around Oct. 1 I think?? So it was pretty quick for me but I have a feeling this time of year is very busy with all the traditional school grads waiting on the NCLEX too. Good luck!
  13. GCmomRN

    Villanova RN-BSN online?

    Is anyone doing this program? I am in the middle of the application process and was hoping to hear from some current students about the coursework. From what I understand they just started it this winter, but I really liked the demo on how the online learning works and the support during the application process has been awesome.
  14. GCmomRN

    Looking for advice- BSN vs. MSN

    Thanks! I'm trying to find programs that will accept non-BSN degrees and then I will start making some calls. My BS is from Stony Brook so I will start there (they will accept non-BSN into the MSN-ANP), but it's extremely competitive so I was hoping to have a few other options. I'm excited to get started, but so nervous about getting into school!!
  15. GCmomRN

    Looking for advice- BSN vs. MSN

    Oops! I'm an RN with an ADN from Excelsior, but I have a previous BS in respiratory... sorry for the confusion!
  16. Hoping to get some outside opinions. I'm an Excelsior grad with a bachelor's in respiratory care (was an RT for 8 years before switching). I hope to get my ANP or FNP eventually and the online route will be the best option for me as the closest university is 1.5 hours away. I have found some direct entry NP programs, but I'm worried that not having my BSN won't make me a strong candidate and I'd really like to go to a good NP school. I spoke with a rep from one of the BSN schools I was looking at and she made the point that the "bridge" programs charge you graduate school prices for the bridge and you don't actually get the BSN at most of them. Of course she was selling me on the BSN program so I just don't know!!