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I have been a RN for about 1 1/2 years now and am starting to look towards going back and getting my BSN. I need something online since I work full time and have children, but also something that is inexpensive. What has been... Read More

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    I have heard that you also need to be careful about accreditation-that some MSN programs have restrictions on degrees from programs with certain accreditations. I'm also looking into BSN programs, and, so far, St Joseph College of Maine and Utica College look pretty good. Seems like I keep going in circles and any input/suggestions/comments would be much appreciated!

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    Quote from ProudNeWRN
    WGU requires that you are a working nurse. Hello, new grad nurses can't get a job!
    If you are a new grad all you need to do is write a letter stating why you are not working, that is what I did.
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    more now 243/out of state
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    Purdue University Calumet no clinical, you have to have certain amount of math and science credits but you can do them as corequ's instead of prerequ's. about $11 thousand. i am going to apply as soon as i pay my old housing bill from Purdue U's main campus in west lafayette. i am from ct, totally online. the admissions advisors and the academic advisors are very kind and helpful.
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    Quote from ProudNeWRN
    WGU requires that you are a working nurse. Hello, new grad nurses can't get a job!
    It requires that you are a LICENSED RN, not that you are working. Some people do the program fulltime and don't have jobs. Having a job as an RN is not a requirement of the program.
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    I'm almost done with the BSN program at WGU and I have NO regrets. It's an awesome program, very user-friendly, can be done quickly if you're highly motivated and have strong writing skills.

    As others have said, the only "con" about the program is the pass/fail that translates to a 3.0 GPA on your transcript (and in spite of what "Truth" - ha! - said - it DOES show up as a 3.0 on your transcript to other institutions), so if you're planning on matriculating into a highly competitive program, it may not be the right program for you. They're very helpful at working with other programs, writing letters explaining their grading process, etc. And if you're interested in getting your MSN in education or leadership, you can do it right at WGU, as they offer those programs.

    I'm happy to answer any questions about the program and school. There is also a facebook page for WGU RN-BSN students which is extremely helpful and supportive.
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    hi, i am an ec grad, i just got my transcript review from tt they want me to take a million prerequs and micro again because ec's is only 3 credits. did you have to redo micro or had you done it somewhere else already. was nice of them to give you a transcript review in advance though.
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    People who worship WGU will defend every mechanism of their action. While there are good points about the school there are several bad as well. "Truth" obviously got tired of defending their position and left. There are those that say WGU is a supportive community but then if you say anything negative they jump all over you (very supportive-NOT!). I think with WGU you get what you pay for. It is a money making campaign for them, I was told so from the staff, they want to get as many people in each semester since they don't charge as much as other schools the more the merrier. There are some amazing staff and some total jerks, depends who you get. I think that if you just need those 3 letters, like me, you can stick it out and deal with WGU, however that being said I wouldn't call it a "great" program by any means. It is simply a means to an end-for many, not just me. There are many options out there if you are looking for high quality. It depends what you are looking for in a program. I found other programs I wish I had checked out sooner-before committing to WGU but it is what it is and now my plan is to just whip through the WGU program, have the 3 little letters and call it a day. Hopefully the 3.0 GPA doesn't bite me in the butt later!
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    Well, isn't that what most RN-BSN programs are about? Learning a few things and getting those magic three letters? Really, we learned most of what we need to know about being RNs in our RN program, and frankly, most employers don't care *where* you got your BSN, but only *that* you got it. Most RN-BSN programs are going to be about the same, so what it really comes down to for most people is:

    1) how affordable is it?
    2) how convenient is it?
    3) how quickly can I finish?

    And that's why WGU is, IMO, among the best options out there, because when it comes to those three crucial questions, they have most other programs beat. Most other programs cannot realistically be finished in 6 months, at under $4000, at truly work-at-your-own-pace. That's why those of us who love WGU, defend it so vehemently.
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    Most people aren't going to finish in 6 months if they are working, have families etc. Some might but realistically many will take at least a year some more. When it gets to those lengths there are other comparable programs. And defending it is one thing but making others feel bad if they disagree, that is just not my cup of tea and I have seen plenty of that. I have had plenty of issues with that school and I am not the only one so while some may get treated like gold (as they should IMO) and sail through, plenty have had not such great experiences, those are important to note to people looking to enroll, to know it might not go as smooth as they say or that they may change things last minute (hopefully not get lied to left and right and treated shoddy like me but I assume that my circumstances are far from the norm).
    There are plenty of BSN programs that have clinical aspects, teaching components, real leadership education for those roles-mainly those are the in person ones and some people want that. I know several that took that route because of the quality of the programs they chose and they are also a great prep to the MSN they want to move to. Not everyone wants to whip through it like me, and that is fine to each their own. Everyone does what works for them.
    I just think folks should know the good, the bad and the ugly. Too many places hide that and people get stuck being unhappy. I like to share what I know even if it isn't pretty because someone else is likely going to be able to use that info.

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