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I have been a RN for about 1 1/2 years now and am starting to look towards going back and getting my BSN. I need something online since I work full time and have children, but also something that is... Read More

  1. by   CloudySky
    Quote from winny103
    fort hays state university has an online rn to bsn program.Very cheap $178 per credit hr .It is a state university and not private.I highly recommend it
    Good price. I was sold on Thomas Edison at $442. per credit hour (for RN - BSN). With 28 hrs to do their BSN completion that would cost me about $12,3376 tuition.

    Thanks for the tip on fort hayes winny. Good thread everyone.
  2. by   Binaxoxo
    Hey guys, I'm looking to get my BSN online. I'm looking into Walden University and Western Governors University. Any advice?
  3. by   bisson
    UGH! as if nursing school itself is not stressful enough. I hate what a dragged out process choosing a RN- BSN online program it has become! I have been researching for months, and I havent made a decision yet. looking for the same things as anyone else: affordable, under 18 months, accredited, user- friendly, reliable and good curriculum.

    well, at least thanks to this thread, I can add Ohio and Texas Arlington to the list. I work/ live both in NYC and Virginia, and the ones I hear the most about are Chamberlain ( too expensive), Kaplan ( too long), Grand canyon university ( again, expensive) and ODU( full semester lengths, not your typical 5 weeks classes)

    and just to think that I could have been finished with ANY of these programs had I started school, instead of procrastinating doing all the " research"
  4. by   bisson
    just my .02 : Ohio state and Texas of arlington both list " current RN license" on their websites. it does not state that it has to be an In-state license.

    however, Ohio state does require clinicals.
  5. by   Her Own Catalyst RN
    I'm currently (almost done with) Chamberlain -- love love loved it! but, like you said - super expensive, I'm going to be paying back loans until my 7 week old is in college !
  6. by   LolaRN1
    You'll find the best rates in the state you live in - in Florida St. Pete College has very affordable rates (if you live here) and it is accredited. For financial aid you go to - you should see your chosen school in their lists. Many schools offer different lengths of time to complete your degree, and you typically do a clinical towards the end in a facility near you. Good Luck in your search!
  7. by   Lauri8218
    Quote from TonyaM73
    I need something online since I work full time and have children, but also something that is inexpensive. What has been your experience with getting your BSN online? Do you have to do any clinicals and if so how does that work? Are there any programs to help financially?

    There's been a couple of students (in the WGU discussion boards) who've said they've finished WGU's RN-to-BSN program in 3 months.

    WGU students pay a set tuition rate ($3,250) per term (composed of 6 months) no matter how many competency units they take. If students finish in 3 months, then they pay the $3,250. I don't know another university that compares.

    I guess this depends on how motivated you are to finish the competency units.

    The competency units are pass/fail, and students earn a 3.0 GPA when they graduate.
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  8. by   doro8144
    I don't think you LOSE your license in one state when you obtain licensure in another. You can have multiple licenses in different states.
  9. by   doro8144
    Truth--For example, I am licensed in Indiana (not a compact state) and Wisconsin (a compact state). I know of many nurses who have licenses in Indiana and Kentucky or Indiana and Illinois.
  10. by   PedsHopeful
    Quote from glamvicious
    What happened to University of Wyoming and Texas Tech university both online programs can be completed out of state no residency requirements.

    Wyoming:120 clinical hours in addition to the 60 hours of coursework will be required for the 4 credit hours of the final practicum, NURS 4875
    Tuition: $94 plus $40 online delivery fee so $134 per credit hour

    Texas: 30 semester credit hours total $7,224.00, they do accept financial aid
    No in the clincials in the traditional sense.
    Regarding the University of Wyoming, their program no longer equires clinicals. Must have changed. From the FAQ's on their program website page:

    Do you require a clinical component in your program?

    There is no clinical time required in our program.

    Current tuition rate is 146 per Credit Hour.
  11. by   ProudNeWRN
    WGU requires that you are a working nurse. Hello, new grad nurses can't get a job!
  12. by   yoland
    I have heard that you also need to be careful about accreditation-that some MSN programs have restrictions on degrees from programs with certain accreditations. I'm also looking into BSN programs, and, so far, St Joseph College of Maine and Utica College look pretty good. Seems like I keep going in circles and any input/suggestions/comments would be much appreciated!
  13. by   RN_SummerSeas
    Quote from ProudNeWRN
    WGU requires that you are a working nurse. Hello, new grad nurses can't get a job!
    If you are a new grad all you need to do is write a letter stating why you are not working, that is what I did.

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