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  1. "Do Nots" New to Administrative Role

    If you are not supported by your manager, I suggest using your chain of command. Have you addressed this with your director? But of course, have you spoken to your manager first?
  2. Anyone become a RN with a criminal record in FL

    Does petty theft that got expunged even count as a record? I thought that the questions specifically ask if you were CONVICTED (found guilty) of a felony. I'd ask your nursing board for a definite answer.
  3. Anyone know about online MSN degree at Chamberlain?

    I'm currently enrolled in their executive track, and I completely misspoke in my last post. I competed my BSN with Chamberlain/Devry and the MSN/MBA track has been just as the same. No complaints. Classes are more managerial but ok to manage.
  4. Phillips Beth Israel Applicants 2014

    That's so awesome, congrats.
  5. Phillips Beth Israel Applicants 2014

    Good luck!
  6. To leave or not to leave?

    That's great, congrats!
  7. What state is currently hiring RNs

    Norfolk/ VA Beach, Virginia.only 6hr drive from NYC This is a military area so nurses don't stay longer than a few years, creating a lot of vacancies. Which in return equals low pay ($20's/hr) but they're recruiting grads into ICU's. So you can get y...
  8. To leave or not to leave?

    I agree with above, you've put up for this long might as well not lose the experience value you've been putting time into. I did home health for a few months after my hospital closed, and I HATED it. I realized that it wasn't for me and I wanted to b...
  9. Would "trendy" hair make hiring managers reconsider hiring you?

    Sounds like a "trendy" hair cut might not be all that professional. Tastefully style your hair for the interviews, get a new outfit to update your look, but I wait till after to cut it.
  10. Best paying areas of FLorida

    Thank you so much for all of your input, it's really helpful. We'll be going there in 3 weeks as soon as school gets out to look at houses.
  11. Best paying areas of FLorida

    Also, do you have any knowledge about the differences between hernando and Pasco counties? Is Pasco considered better?
  12. Best paying areas of FLorida

    Thank you so much for your reply. We are so pleased with the incredibly low prices that I keep looking for a negative. I saw the schools are pretty low in the rating. And areas like trinity, new port Richey and wesley chapel have far better schools, ...
  13. I'm not the doctor!

    It is definitely not a feeling shared by all, actually I've never met anyone (outside of this thread) that shared that view. A great deal of nurses that I work with strive to become an NP or a CRNA to gain more respect and responsibility.
  14. I'm not the doctor!

    I finally feel like someone understands how I've been feeling. We pride ourselves on being "nurses" a title that carries so much pride. But when I go to work, my voice matters to no one but myself. When the MD's round, you are nothing more than a run...
  15. I don't know where you are transferring from, but CA pays great money and san diego is a gorgeous place. My brother is a marine and lives there too. Experience is experience. Even though it might not be acute care experience, med surg experience is ...