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Hi all Desperately trying to find an online 8 week microbiology class (preferably no prerequisite needed) for late fall towards November or December of this year (have a heavy course load at the... Read More

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    @stash11 how did your class go? I'm looking for an online micro class also.

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    My class went well, it was an 8 week class, I would recommend Prof J.W. (if you pm me I can give you his full name), very interesting class, made an A+!!

    Good Luck
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    I know this is old but Stash11 or anyone else who has taken edukan class. Any issues transferring into nursing program? I have to give course description and I went into all the schools in Ks that you can choose from and it either doesn't say any lab in description or says "online" which I feel will hinder chances to getting Into program. The person who checks credit transfers from University of Alaska, where I am applying, told me she has accepted University of Phoenix since they are regionally accredited but they are so expensive per class and I'm nervous they will lose accreditation soon as they are up for assessment right now and there's a chance of them being put on probation or "notice" status.
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    ChiChiMungo. I took microbiology last October at Edukan. Edukan is a consortium of Kansas colleges online. You have to choose a home college where your transcripts will go. I chose Colby as they had no pre-req's for micro. They are all regionally accredited colleges. My school where I am going for my BSN accepted this class with no problems. The micro class has an online virtual lab which takes some getting use to but is pretty cool. It is a 5 credit class at $139/credit
    This is the course description page from Edukan http://edukan.org/wp-content/uploads...-2012-2013.pdf
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    Hi ChiChiMungo

    Exactly what Woodsyny said. The credits readily transfer to all nursing schools, so no problems there. I only heard recently that the classes have become a little harder, other than that, no problems
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    Does it show on your transcripts that college you attended? I need to show the lady the course description from the school and that description is from edukan, which itself is not an accredited college. I tried choosing a couple of schools and then looking for their course description of class and isn't matching? If that makes sense. I'm under the understanding that the lady from the university is checking the school first, that will pass. Secondly checking the course description and making sure it matches to theirs. Am I understanding it wrong? This is all very confusing and I know it's untraditional but I hate to fork out the money if it won't get me into the university RN program. I'm in Fairbanks, Alaska so this is the ONLY school I can attend in the next 3 years.
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    Sorry I think I miss worded the question. Basically when you send in your transcript to a school from one of those schools in KS, it shows as if you took the course there correct? What about if they look up the description? Is it going to be through edukan or that chosen school? If its edukan, I don't think she will accept it since its not an institution. I hope my question makes sense.
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    Oops having technical issues using the iPad lol
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    Yes it does. I chose Colby college and my transcripts came from there. Edukan just sponsors the kansas colleges. I chose Colby as some of the others offered said you had to have pre-req's. Those same courses at Edukan are offered at all the colleges listed.
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    This is the micro description from Colby college and the same Micro offered on edukan.


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