Nurse suicide follows infant tragedy

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    The suicide of a nurse who accidentally gave an infant a fatal overdose last year at Seattle Children's hospital has closed an investigation but opened wounds for her friends and family members, as they struggle to comprehend a second tragedy.

    Kimberly Hiatt, 50, a longtime critical-care nurse at Children's, took her own life April 3. As a result, the state's Nursing Commission last week closed its investigation of her actions in the Sept. 19 death of Kaia Zautner, a critically ill infant who died in part from complications from an overdose of calcium chloride.

    After the infant's death, the hospital put Hiatt on administrative leave and soon dismissed her. In the months following, she battled to keep her nursing license in the hopes of continuing the work she loved, despite having made the deadly mistake, friends and family members said.

    To satisfy state disciplinary authorities, she agreed to pay a fine and to undergo a four-year probationary period during which she would be supervised at any future nursing job when she gave medication, along with other conditions, said Sharon Crum of Issaquah, Hiatt's mother.

    "She absolutely adored her job" at Children's, where she had worked for about 27 years, said Crum. "It broke her heart when she was dismissed ... She cried for two solid weeks. Not just that she lost her job, but that she lost a child."

    How horrible for everyone in the situation...she had worked at Seattle Children's for 27 years, the article states.
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    it just doesn't get any sadder than this.
    so much loss in this story.
    i just can't imagine this np's grief.

    rip, little angel and big angel.

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    I recall when this occurred. Horribly horribly tragic. It remained on my mind and heart for quite some time. It really did. So sad to learn of this outcome, but not horribly surprising.
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    The mistake could happen to any of us. So sad that she didn't get the support and counseling she needed.
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    Wow how sad!
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    This is my biggest fear. I feel awful for this woman.
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    This is so tragic on both ends....smh
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    This is so sad, it is amazing that the accountability lies on the RN.
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    This is so sad and scary. I used to want to work in NICU... not so sure now. The accountability is so much.
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    This story is so heartwrenching and unfortunate. All nurses could make a mistake, it could be NICU, Med-Surg, oncology, peds and the lists goes on and on........ This is the main reason why doulble even triple checks of orders and medications are so important before giving them to our patients. May God bless both families for their loss.

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