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I finally got the job offer! I stupidly thought that they had done the background check and accepted it. Of course, I find out that they haven't run it yet, and after talking to the recruiter, I'm not as positive about it as I... Read More

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    Well Pattycake, I wish I could say my update was awesome, but instead I'm left miserable. I truly do feel my nursing dream will be crushed as well, and trust when I say I want to give up too, but that can't happen...for you either!!

    They let me know (only 5 days before my start date) that they "couldn't hire people with pending charges". Why, oh why, did that not get brought to my attention sooner? Surely the recruiter knew that (i would think it's happened b4), which makes me feel like it was just *my* personal situation they couldn't take a chance on, even tho all it showed was underage drinking 5 years ago and pending DUI. GOOD NEWS IS The recruiter did, however, tell me THAT particular position had to be filled, but since everything else was in order, once I get the final outcome to call and have her try to place me within the system. Since I told her the officer is willing to talk to the DA to lower it, and it was a good possibility, I'm wondering if that offer was only if it's reduced, or if they would be ok to hire me with the charge as long as it isn't pending. I'll let ya know when that happens.

    To conclude, DUI is making it near impossible to find work, ESPECIALLY as a new grad with no experience to offer. It's not impossible, but will take a LOT of work. Please keep me (and all the other good people who made the wrong choice at the wrong time) in your prayers, so that our dreams and hard work don't get wasted. Remember, it could happen to any one of you at any time sadly.

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    Im sooo sorry to hear that!!! Where are you located?? Keep your head up and let us know what happens with your charges!!!

    Best of luck

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