RN applicants with criminal past

  1. Why do all you goody tissue RN's always have something negative to say when prosperous RN's/ students have questions about becoming a nurse with a criminal past? I mean do any of you believe in regret? the past? people make mistakes and pay for them for their lives! I recently graduated and have some blemishes on my record that god knows. I ain't proud of, offenses that occured over 10+ years ago. Offenses that I have put behind me, now the AZBN has put me under investigation, don't get me wrong I understand the boards process but what I don't get is people who post nothing but negative feedback for people trying to get some kind of hope. For the most part all you guys do is say how we should not try blah, blah, blah. I know I have changed and so have many others. So to summarize my point if you have never walked a mile in our shoes and know why or how we got caught up in the system keep your negative comments to yourself, its hard enough to go through what I myself and many other go through.
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  3. by   AZMama86
    I'm not sure who your comments are directed at, as I've never seen anything derogatory directed at someone on this board for criminal past. However, as someone who works in law enforcement, you make your own decisions and you are responsible for them. You have to live with them, which is why it's important to make good choices. If your life choices have prevented you from getting where you want to be in life, that is unfortunate but something you have to deal with. I hope you make better choices in the future so that you have many options open to you. I'm not criticizing you by any means, but your attacking and accusing attitude of members on here is not appreciated.
  4. by   whomewhocares
    This forum is for nurses, not law enforcement so please spare me your thoughts.
  5. by   AZMama86
    I was not talking to you.. and you don't know that I'm not a nurse, so spare me your assumptions. Apparently you aren't aware that people have multiple careers and jobs.
  6. by   Psychcns
    Hopefully you will be able to convince the board you have changed and will be a credit to the profession. Many on AN advise having a lawyer help you with your application. Best wishes..
  7. by   MrChicagoRN
    The OP posted a global vent, asked no questions, so there is really nothing to respond to other than to 2nd Psychcns' statement and leave it at that.

    Quote from Psychcns
    Hopefully you will be able to convince the board you have changed and will be a credit to the profession. Many on AN advise having a lawyer help you with your application. Best wishes..
  8. by   Retired APRN
    Did you start a thread under another name and get disappointing responses?

    I'm guessing that "goody tissues" is a spell check issue for "goody two-shoes". You really came out swinging there! I'm not sure why you're so angry, but I was hesitant to answer because I thought you might blast me. Then I decided to take the chance because I care about our young colleagues who want to join the profession.

    From reading the different forums, I have not seen any derogatory replies to nurses or prospective nurses with criminality issues. What I have seen is very straight-from-the-shoulder posts that tell it like it is.

    People change. I've seen it happen. I'm not the same idiot I was as a teenager - God be thanked! At the same time, there are laws and rules and regulations and sometimes there are long-lasting consequences to decisions we make. I don't know what "estigation" is, but I hope you can sort out your problems with BON.

    In any event, good luck!
  9. by   catebsn25
    "How easy it is to judge rightly after one sees what evil comes from judging wrongly." - Elizabeth Gaskell
  10. by   whomewhocares
    iphone! so yeah autospell and errors, but exactly what I'm talking about. Thanks to the few who actuly care. you must feel high and mighty over spell checking my thread right?
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  11. by   Esme12
    Welcome to AN!

    It is clear that you are angry and hurt. However, the members here actually do care. We care about our profession and we care about other members. While most members here on AN are nurses we have members who are not nurses and those who are not even employed in the profession at all.

    I am sorry you are experiencing difficulties....but nursing is a profession that holds it's participants to a higher standard. If you wish to be a nurse... then this is something you must get used to...it might not be what you want to hear....but it is the truth. The BON of every state hold investigstions on nurses and potential nurses to ensure the integrity of the possession and the safety of those that are entrusted to our care.

    Unfortunately, things in your past affect your future. No matter what your good intentions are it won't change the past. Your anger and frustration are limiting you and the board WILL see this and decide accordingly against you. You need to acknowledge your past, feel remorse, and find ways to be a better you. Anger and frustration and lashing out will not get you very far and will limit your growth as an individual.

    What can YOU do for YOU to let the board KNOW that you are sorry for what you have done , whatever that may be, and how do YOU plan to make you a better you as you go forward.

    Lashing out at an entire profession for your past, something that only you are responsible for, probably isn't the best use of your energy.
  12. by   whomewhocares
    I guess it's true when they say, "nurses eat their young". All I can say is through this experience I will humble myself more and learn to appreciate the license when I do get it! I do apologize for coming out aggressive, but the truth is there are way too many judgmental nurses here on this forum. If the shoe fits wear it I will never let anyone get me down, nor tell me that my goal of becoming a RN is not attainable.
  13. by   Thuggins
    I have two DUI's as well and want to be an RN. I have feared that this would come up and along with many others, I am regretful. It has been around six years ago that this terrible incident took place, and I have been golden ever since. I too confessed my sins in front of God and everyone two years ago, but I hear the nursing board isn't as forgiving. However, I did get an attorney when I was arrested to get the offenses knocked down a notch or two. Since becoming a student I have almost completed my associates degree with a 4.0 and I am an honors option student. I will beg, plead, and beg more to get this degree, but I would like some insight!!
  14. by   LPNMary
    Quote from whomewhocares
    This forum is for nurses, not law enforcement so please spare me your thoughts.
    Plenty of police officers get arrested for crimes, themselves. And politicians/lawmakers and judges. But if you aren't a polce officer or lawmaker or judge, you 'will' be held responsible for your actions!