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Getting a California RN License with a Criminal History: Misdemeanor - page 9

Disclaimer: This topic is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. This is simply an account of my experiences with the California Board of Registered... Read More

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    Hello Cheethaj, I would very appreciate it if you can send me also letter of explanation and other helpful docs to serve as a guide. My email is, Thank you
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    Hi Cheethaj,
    Thank you SO MUCH for this post, it has been so helpful. It would mean the world to me if you can send me an email so that I can ask you some questions? I graduate in 2 months and just found out all of the paperwork I needed to gather for this and am feeling so overwhelmed, I'm unsure where to start. Would you please email me if you could? Thank you.
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    Im in this situation also. I don't know where to start my letter...
    Can You send me a sample of your letter... please...
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    Hello thank you for this info, I hope you are still following this thread! I have just started the process of getting my nursing license in Cali, but I have an MIP from when I was 18 back in 2008. It's a violation on my record and not a misdemeanor or a felony, however still reportable because it has to do with alcohol. Would you mind also emailing me your letter? I am getting some references from staff I work with at my current nursing job but as I wasn't rehabilitated or even made to take diversion, it's hard to provide counselor, AA references because I never utilized these resources. First and only offense. I have been trying to call the Cali board of nursing and I have not gotten feedback from them yet about this. Would appreciate any help I can get. Email is that'
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    Hi cheethaj. I want to say thanks for sharing your story. I believe there are many Nursing Students that are looking for information to help them through this process. I want to ask you if you can send me the letter you provided to the Board of Registered Nurses. I still have time before I graduate ( in December), but as you mentioned in your post this process takes long time. I want to be prepared and start early. Again, please share your letter, because I am concerned what to write to BRN. Thanks. My email address is
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    Hi, would you mind sending me a copy of your letter to the BRN? I'd love to see what a successful letter looks like before drafting one. Thank you for your help!
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    I am currently looking into getting my CNA license, and was planning on continuing onto pursuing RN and dealt with a life changing arrest about 5 years back in 2010 that ended up being a Misdemeanor. I served probation, payed my restitution, and even had my record expunged. I am currently trying to pursue a career in the health field however I am worried about Livescan, and being judged by different programs and boards. I was under the impression with my expungement that I wasn't going to have to worry about the past anymore, however with reading these forums I have become to learn otherwise.

    I just wanted to know, with your background and multiple charges, how was it that you were able to find work in a hospital? Did they fingerprint you prior to employment? And if they did, they your convictions pop up? Did they give you any problems? Its just disheartening to know that no matter what job or field I'm going to select that my background will continue to haunt me despite how minuscule the arrest was. I was arrested at 23 for Downloading and burning Xbox 360 video games (Piracy/Copyright Infringement). I paid EA games association restitution as well as the state, served probation, and was let off due to never having any priors or an arrest record previously. But ever since, I couldn't even get a job at some places even as simple as Subway until I was able to get the expungement.

    Your story was inspiring to read. And I turn 28 this year. And I really just want to succeed. Any advice, that you could pass on would be greatly appreciated. I feel like despite something so trivial, and now so old, will continue to haunt my future unless I can get some accurate advice from someone who has actually succeeded.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Thank you for the informative post! I've been having a hard time as to where to begin with my letter to the brn. Would you be willing to send me your letter? I'd much appreciate it!
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    A couple of things here. First off, do your own LiveScan prior to the one requested by the California BRN, and see what's on there. If something is not there - do not, I repeat DO NOT report it. They have no other means to find records (forget the FBI - they only keep record of 'Federal' crimes and most people's criminal histories don't fall into that category). The worst part is that, if you get turned down for a license, the BRN will make your name searchable by ANY search engine and then not only link it to your denial of license information, but also to the police reports they ILLEGALLY obtain when they become aware of the fact that you have a conviction. Even if the police report was thrown out of court (like the Part A's of many DUI's) they will still get ahold of it and put it on the Internet for all to see.

    If you appeal and don't withdraw the appeal immediately upon finding out the horrendous (and impossible) things you have to agree to in order to get the okay to take the NCLEX, they will keep the link on the Internet for 10 years; if you withdraw your appeal, they will keep it there for a year, and even then you have to fight and threaten to sue if they don't remove it (and usually have an attorney contact them in your behalf).

    Trust me, find out what's on your LiveScan before applying for ANYTHING. If you think your history has even the most remote possibility of getting you denied by the BRN, apply in another state whose applications aren't so "probing" (like states that only ask about felonies, or crimes committed within the past three years, etc.), get approved, take the NCLEX, pass, then worry about ways to eventually get the BRN to give you one in California. It's a shame we have to go to these lengths, but it's the only way you can meet the system on its own terms and possibly achieve the outcome you deserve.
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    Hello, Cheethaj,
    I was wondering if you wouldn't mind emailing a copy of your letter tot he board. I am in the process of trying to draft my letter but I am having a hard time knowing just how to word it. Thanks!