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I am graduating nursing school in Decemeber. I submitted a declaratory form with all supporting documents of dismissal and paid to register for the NCLEX...then I received a letter a few days later from the TX BON. It stated that... Read More

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    I know I completely agree, there is always some way they give you different information and make this all very confusing! So do you have work prospects MSTX? Have you received your number or letter yet?

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    Curious as to why it is taking you guys so long. I moved to texas in 2007 and had to pay the 150 as well and was cleared within a month although maybe it didnt take as long because I was endorsing in from New Mexico. I had a misdomeanor driving while suspended and was scared to death i wouldnt get approved. I wish you girls luck. Sorry to hear it is taking forever!
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    I have not recieved a letter yet but I have not made it to four to six weeks. I know recommendations has been made, So i will be hoping it arrive soon. I have had a few calls but you know you have to have the TBON number


    It is a case by case bases and the intial reviewer has certain infractions that he can okay and others he can not. TBON are super behind and I am not sure the difference from several years ago. I wish I was approve in a couple of months or less but unfortantly I have a felony and a misdemeanor arrest (both expunge now). Thanks for letting us know of your experience.
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    You never know how long it will take and the BON will tell you NOTHING. My situation was similar to yours and I got approved in 2 months. I had classmates who waited a year.
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    I called today and I was told to call back next week I am signed up to take a review course that is costing over 300...I just worry that it will be a waste if for some reason I am not able to take my NCLEX for awhile more. On the other hand if I am approved I would need this class for the soon future...I am still trying to just stay in today, and for right now I guess I should prepare and keep my knowledge somewhat up to date....and yeah keep my hopes alive
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    Huckleberry- what review course are you signed up for? Hurst Review?
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    Well guys, I got a phone call this morning.... and it was good news! I am cleared by enforcement dept to take the NCLEX!
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    Hip Hip Hooray! I am very ecstatic for you Kann! I know that the wait has been so hard and I am so glad to hear the good news. I am taking the Hurst Review this next week...I just hope to be able to use the information I learn quickly. Again, congratulations!
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    Thank you so much! Hopefully you will get the good news soon.... I will also be attending the Hurst Review this week!
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    I am so glad that I came across this post. I am in the same boat as you guys. I applied to the TX board in August, I graduated in December and I am still waiting for a final recommendation. I have two misdemeanors one from 9 years ago possession of Marijuana and 8 years ago a DWI. I have changed my life COMPLETELY since those wild college party days. It took almost 7 months for me to hear back from the board. They sent a letter to me stating that I had to see a psychologist for a chemical dependency evaluation. It took 3 weeks to get the appointment, then 3 weeks after the appointment to get the psych recommendation. The eval went really well and in her opinion I should have the green light to practice nursing. It's been over a month since her recommendations have been mailed and I still haven't heard anything from the board. Last time I called I was told my file was in a stack waiting for final recommendations. The entire process of getting court documents, applying for the licence, going for the eval, and waiting for the final recommendations, has taken a year now. It is very frustrating and at times I feel completely hopeless. It feels completely out of my control.

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