Dui/difficult past and becoming a nurse

  1. Hi there, I have been stressing constantly about this and would so greatly appreciate any feedback. When I was 21 (about 4 years ago) I was going through a difficult time. Anyways, I received two duis within a few months of each other. I have been trying to get everything together and I recently obtained my arrest record for one of these duis. It is very damning. I told the cop I had two glasses of wine before going into an adult entertainment club (strip club) because I was nervous and I was considering working there. Pease don't judge me! I already know how bad this sounds. Well he wrote it all down in the report, saying I was drinking to prepare myself for an interview (all the dancers drink, it was not against the rules at these kinds of places!) and he listed my occupation as a dancer! This just isn't true. Like I said I was going through the hardest time in my life and was young and stupid. I have completely turned my life around, am a mother, and am going to school to be a cna but want to become an RN. Do you guys thing I don't even have a chance or should I try anyway because it is what I feel destined to do? Is there any hope? Thank you for reading all this. Just really worried and stressed everyday.
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  3. by   beekee
    I'd be more worried about the DUIs than the statement that you were considering working in a strip club. I would never judge you for trying to make a legal living. Neither, however, will likely prevent you from becoming a nurse. However, two DUIs may create some extra hoops for you.
  4. by   EllaBella1
    This is most likely going to be difficult for you, possibly even more than that depending on which state you are in. Before you spend the time and money trying to get into nursing school I would reach out to a lawyer who specializes in nursing to try to help you determine if this is a possibility for you. The DUIs are going to be hard, plus the BON in some states has been known to deny licenses for questionable moral turpitude.
  5. by   jodispamodi
    Most likely no one will ever see the police reports. Speak to a lawyer about the possibility of having your records sealed. I would also suggest calling the BON in your state and asking them if the DUI's would be an impediment to becoming a nurse, they won't bite your head off and often can be very helpful. Good luck!
  6. by   jane.mik90
    i would get a record of the court documents and arrest report. See exactly what they said in that because once you apply for the boards, you will need to send in that information and the boards will take into consideration that arrest document. Many times, those documents will state your behavior, what you stated, if you were resisting arrest, etc on the day of your arrest. goodluckkkkk
  7. by   kmpkmp123
    Hi mlind530,

    If some time has passed and you are able to show the board that you have changed (i.e. letter of reference, sobriety, AA meetings, counseling, etc.) then there is definitely hope! Go for your goals!