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Should I tell them??

  1. 0 Ive been looking for jobs in differnt states due to GA not accepting my Nursing endorsment due to education hours. So I applied in several states where I know (well think) I have a good chance, but here's the problem. I applied for a LPN job in SC and got a call back for an interview, but I haven't applied for my SC license yet...Should I tell the interviewer this???? I was honest about being a new nurse..What should I do p.s. I currently live in GA but looking to relocate
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    Seeing as you can't really start working until you have your license, as I understand it, then I would think you would have to tell them. Are you licensed in any state?
    I would apply for a SC license ASAP. If they deny the license due to your schooling, then you know that SC is not a state where you can work right now.
    Was your LPN school not accredited?
    I would research the websites of all of the BON in the states where you may like to work. See what the qualifications are to get a license there. If all of them require more than you have, perhaps you may have to take further schooling.
    Good luck
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    I'm currently licensed in Alabama and NY...I was asking should I tell them before the interview
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    Quote from GoosbyLPN
    I'm currently licensed in Alabama and NY...I was asking should I tell them before the interview
    If you didn't disclose on your application that you don't have a SC license then I would let them know...that may or may not be a "deal-breaker" for hiring but the company can't make and informed hiring decision if you held back information relevant to filling a position in a timely manner.
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    I think u should tell them I surprised they didn't ask u before they went as far as setting up an interview with u are they aware that u don't live in SC?

    I recently got a job at a LTC facility but I got it before my Florida license was approved the DON said I wouldn't be able to start and we couldn't do the background check and whatnot until that happened (thank God it ended up being approved a few days later) but maybe if u tell them they will wait until ur endorsement has been approved did u start ur endorsement to SC yet? I suggest u put "endorsement for SC pending" on apps
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    I'm going to call Monday before I make that drive