OccuVAX...? Or other flu/vaccine clinics...

  1. 0 Wondering if anyone has ever worked for OccuVAX before? Is it legit?

    Any other flu/vaccine clinics you know of that I might apply for? I am in Tennessee.

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    I was thinking the same. I did apply to an email sent by them and it asked for SSN. I provided them with it otherwise, the app was incomplete.
    Anyways i did look at other post in allnurses.com and it seems that there have been flu shot clinic conducted by occuvax. Check the following link with related discussion.
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    It seems legit, I was a little wary of giving them my SSN as well, but did too.
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    Did Occuvax turn out to be legit? I applied through craigslist and its almost welcoming me aboard. I'm nervous to input my sensitive info into the application..
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    Not sure yet. I signed up and did their orientation session (which is just a PowerPoint you read and sign at the end saying you read it all.) Haven't heard back from them yet....
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    Quote from KKahn
    Not sure yet. I signed up and did their orientation session (which is just a PowerPoint you read and sign at the end saying you read it all.) Haven't heard back from them yet....
    I also just signed up with them. I believe it said that the weekly schedules of clinics won't come out until the 19th. I will be in Clarksville, T.N. The company seems legit to me. Let me know when u hear something.
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    I have already received emails asking me to sign up for a clinic. There was a long list of positions and days, etc.

    As a new grad, I assume they want me to just jump in and start giving vaccinations? Or will I receive training? I can't seem to access that information anymore. If anyone else can, any words of advice would be great, thanks.
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    I received an email too with a list of facilities and dates. Unfortunately I'll be in orientation for my new job so I won't be able to do any sites over the next 2 months. I am curious how it goes for you all that are doing it though! Let me know

    I think we would be expected to just go in and do injections. They had that powerpoint posted that explained how to use their syringes. I think it said there will be instructions on where to give the injection, but as a nursing grad, I think we are expected to know how to do IM injections.
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    So did it turn out to be legit?
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    Yeah, I've been getting weekly emails with a list of sites that need nurses. I haven't been able to sign up for any of them though since they're usually just 1-2 hours in the middle of the day during week.
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    Has anyone ACTUALLY worked for them? Still concerned about the site and putting my SSN on there. Any input is greatly appreciated!
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    Says that training is mandatory. So that's good! But still unsure as to how legit this is. I've googled "Occuvax reviews" -- couldn't find anything either!
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    So, how has Occuvax turned out? How did you guys apply, because their website only states to forward a resume to the email address provided if one was interested in working for Occuvax?? Was anyone called for an interview? Did anyone receive a call from anyone or just the list for available clinics. Also, did you receive orientation/training? Thanks for the info!
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