Got license but unable to get job

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    Dear Seniors,
    I am a RN , I come from a different nation, i have passed NCLEX and got the licence to practice , there are no legal obligation at all in spite of all these i am unable to find a job, i had gone through the previous topics regarding this kind of situation, I know hospitals do not want to take a chance, i have nothing to prove that i will be good for the hospital, though i passed NCLEX. I see all the job vacancies asking for a minimum one year experience, how will a fresher find a job ? can any one guide please, should i volunteer in any hospital or what kind of jobs should i look for, please please some one guide me. It is so demotivating after getting out of all the struggles i am stuck at not finding a job. It really hurts being jobless in this expensive world.
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    I'm in the same situation but as a CNA. I've applied at numerous hospitals and LTC in my area and nothing. I've had one interview and didn't get the position. I really need the work, even part-time, as we're living on her SSD. And I have no interest in HHC. Everyone want's 1 year experience, even LTC. How are you supposed to get the experience if you can't get hired? It's really frustrating. I'm taking Phlebotomy, hopefully to increase my desirability to employers. I live in Florida, the retirement state, in a town that is 75% retirees. I know the need is there but dang, give me a break and a chance. They might just be surprised!!
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    Thousands of nurses in the US are unemployed. And it makes it harder that English is not your first language and you may struggle with proficiency. I wish you luck. But don't get discouraged, it's not just you that is unemployed.
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    Consider a change of venue, certain areas are inundated with new grads where others are begging for employees not a perfect soultion for at least a temp one that will land you some exsperience.

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