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I graduated from a nursing school 2 years ago. I am a registered nurse . Every ad seeking registered nurses require and emphasises that they seek experienced nurses. This is quite frustrating. I am willing to work anywhere... Read More

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    move to the phillipines, get your experience and then come back. sorry, but its true.

    or you have to know someone who can get you in. or if you find a really awful unit that has a lot of turnover because experienced nurses can find better jobs, you can probably get in there. But its not worth the stress, danger to yourself and patients and risk to your license.
    trust me! Once you are injured, its tough to recover and harming a patient would be something on your conscience for the rest of your life....even if it was due to poor mgmt/staffing/lack of training. you would still bear the burden.

    I would look for work at a hospice or doctors office or something related, but not at a hospital. Hospitals are the worst places to work.

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    Quote from bonnett9
    I fell into a deep depression and wound up in prison.
    Might want to watch how you say that.

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