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kath<3 has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Respiratory Step Down, telemetry, hospice.

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  1. Too quiet to be a PACU nurse?

    Well...hand holding was not an issue.....just a lot of "alpha type" personalities. I think the final straw for me was after a 2.5 months there I was given my orientation book.....after 2.5 months I thought...my God....maybe they should have given me...
  2. Too quiet to be a PACU nurse?

    Thank you all.....but I decided to go ahead and save myself and I resigned my position. Kind of a shame because I really enjoyed the work. However it felt kind of exhilarating to tell them I was not going to be back. I am headed into hospice care....
  3. Sample sched office daylight hours that include Sat

    Saturdays always are the end of the week, I believe, no matter where you work. I always did weekend option and had Mon-Thurs off as I requested to do three and done
  4. I started back at 38 and graduated with my BSN at 42.....the same year my youngest son graduated from high school. And for a humorous note...my oldest son and I took chemistry together.
  5. Too quiet to be a PACU nurse?

    I have just started a new job in a PACU. I am in my 5th week of training. I have been a nurse for 2 years and worked in a step down unit prior to this job. The other day my manager called me in to inform me they were going to keep me on orientatio...
  6. LPNs Often Fare Better Than Some Degree Earners

    One thing I would add.....there is only one hospital in my area that still hires LPN's and AN's. The rest of the hospitals require at least a BSN. Watching some of the people I know going back to school because they are stuck where they are is anot...
  7. LPNs Often Fare Better Than Some Degree Earners

    I graduated in 2010 with my BSN. I do not regret it because I did some serious thinking about it ahead of time when deciding to do an LPN, AN or BSN. The reason I chose BSN was because I knew I would never return to school again (I was 38 when I st...
  8. Pyxis (almost) nightmares. PLEASE be careful.

    As a nurse, who previously worked as a pharmacy tech, I would also like to add....check the medication after you pull it. Sometimes wrong meds can be put in a drawer (extended release tablets placed in immediate release drawers etc). Nobody is beyo...
  9. I agree that it depends on the state you are in. I graduated 2 years ago, as well, and all the grads were able to find employment upon graduation. Good luck to you.
  10. Taking Care of Mom

    I graduated from nursing school, with a BSN, 2 years ago this May. I say nursing school was my mid-life crisis because I graduated when I was 42. I started my job, which has been quite fulfilling and have learned so much. I work on a floor that is an...
  11. looking up a patients arrest records?

    Looking at them as innocent angels when they are cuffed at the ankle and wrist to the bed and there is a officer with a gun in the room with them 24/7 isn't always easy. Personally, I don't let it bother me cause I realize people make bad decisions....
  12. Why do nurses fight so much with one another?

    I am a new nurse, too. Although I have found there is no outright fighting, I noticed a lot of people talking behind each others backs. Be careful with the whole quiet thing as well. I am naturally a quiet person. My preceptor took this as a weak...
  13. Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Took the NCLEX-RN this morning....just about wanted to walk out into traffic after it was finished. Answered ALL 265 he**ish questions...went to Pearson Vue...said my test was submitted successfully and I got the good pop up.....still not going to c...
  14. Hrsa 08-09 Nursing Scholarship

    Honestly, I really don't remember....it was a year ago...I just remember signing up for it, but I really do not remember when I did....sorry
  15. Hrsa 08-09 Nursing Scholarship

    It would not do you any good if they did not give a screen name and password yet