Do you write all your work history when filling out a job application

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  3. by   lifein08
    Hello Do you fill out the application with your complete work history or just hope they can see the attached resume. What do you write as a reason for leaving a job. thank you
  4. by   JBudd
    If they have space on thier app for it, yes.
    Reason for leaving: whatever the reason was. "Job ended" for short term such as summer camp. Husband relocated, personal reasons having nothing to do with the employer, etc.
  5. by   caliotter3
    No. Too long, much of which is no longer pertinent. Extensive job history gives away your age, making it easier to engage in age discrimination before even the interview stage.
  6. by   belgarion
    No way. I was with my previous employer over twenty-five years so I just make a seperate entry for the last few positions I held there. Reason for leaving: facility shut down and I refused a transfer. As far as jobs I held before, it's really hard for an prospective employer to verify my time as a wheatie, a roughneck, and ranch hand so I cover that time period under a catchall listing such as "general labor positions." If they are interested enough in ancient history to ask I'll tell them but so far nobody has.
  7. by   surfnbeagle
    When I fill out a job application, I read the fine print. If you have had a lot of short term positions, you may want to have them on a separate piece of paper to attach to the application. Then write your recent pertinent positions, they only want you to go back so far. Word to the wise, though, if the application says"please list every nursing position you have held, do so". A lawyer advised me about this once! Reasons for leaving can be, position eliminated, downsized, personal reasons, relocated, pursue position as a...I am seeing more and more employers interested in background checks and wanting references from coworkers ( as opposed to employers). People move around a lot in nursing, it can be hard to locate supervisors. Where as giving personal references, shows teamwork, and can be easier to reach than supervisors. HR can only say so much, i.e.: position and dates of employment. I hope this wasnt too much information!!!
  8. by   mermcm83
    All of that info is too much, anywho, I cant remember some of the jobs that I had, there location, blah! I usually put the past 3-5 most valuable jobs, and reason for leaving, like someone said, whatever it may be...continuing education, personal, seasonal...
  9. by   handyrn
    I have learned to be really careful on this one. I held a job once where a new supervisor came in that didn't like me. (I was fine under the old supervisor.) The new one brought me in one day and told me I needed to resign immediately, and if I refused, he would fire me because the application has a disclaimer on it that you sign saying that everything on the app is true to the best of your knowledge. Well, I had forgotten to write one of my employers in there. It had been a job I HATED, and it only lasted a couple months, and I forgot about it when filling out the app. So, this supervisor claimed that I broke the law because I didn't divulge that employer on my app. He threatened a lawsuit if I didn't resign immediately. So now, when I fill out an app, if it's in person, I explain that I usually hold more than one position at a time, like in addition to my full time job I usually work contract or temp nursing too and do not include those on the app. I explain these things before signing the application. Online you have to sign, but if I get an interview, I make sure to explain this so that I don't end up "breaking the law" again. That was a horrible experience.

    By the way, not only did that supervisor not like me (I didn't much care for him either), 2 weeks after he forced my resignation, the company closed down and they had to pay severences. I was one person who they didn't have to pay I guess.
  10. by   TheCommuter
    I usually list my last ten years of work experiences. I don't list the stuff from the distant past such as the fast-food jobs that I worked while in high school.
  11. by   ECRN143
    Do you have to list previous employers on both your resume and application or just application? I would like to leave out old jobs that have no relevance if i can... at least on the resume. I do not want to break the law or anything though...
  12. by   MrChicagoRN
    Omitting jobs on your resume or the app is not illegal, but a false application is grounds for termination.

    Resumes, include what's important. Applications usually indicate past 10 years, or three jobs, or something similar.
    In regards to why you left, it can be as simple as voluntary vs involuntary. Or variations like: to accept position a X hospital, return to school, moved from area, position eliminated, etc