1. I'm a military spouse. I've been working in ICU for a little over a year. Before that I lived in another state and worked for 1 year as a LPN in a nursing home. I love my job as an RN in the ICU. It's everything I dreamed it would be and more. However I have an almost 1 year old. My husband was deployed for 4 1/2 months of my son's first 8 months and I decided never again would I work 12 hour shifts or weekends while my children are not old enough to care for themselves and my husband is deployed! We have no family here which made finding childcare a daily struggle. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to look for a 8-5 job I might enjoy?
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    You do have some childcare options. Call your local command's Child Development Center office (that's the Navy term; what each branch may call it can vary). They can hook you up with 24/7 childcare options both on and off-base.

    As far as 8-5 work: doctors/private practice offices, medical clinics, urgent care clinics, outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, ambulatory/same day surgery centers, school nursing and community health are just some options. You can also look for facilities that do 4 to 8 hour shifts...there's not as many out there than those that do 12s, but they are out there.

    Another option is to sign up for registry nursing and only be available for weekday daytime shifts. That may or may not entail 12 hour shifts, and it may not guarantee you enough hours, especially if your household depends on the income you bring in. But it's an option.

    Last, if you quit your last job to relocate specifically to be with your spouse, you may have hiring preference with military facilities. This does NOT guarantee you a job--for example, if the job requires specialty/greater experience than what you have or offers hours that you are not willing to work, it's not going to help. Nor is the military obligated to hire you over a non-military spouse. But if all things are fairly equal between you and other applicants, it could give you the edge in the hiring process. And there are some civilian jobs in the military/VA that have the hours you seek.

    Heads-up: the hiring preference window is for a limited time (unless they changed the regs when I wasn't looking). If you moved fairly recently, you're good. If you moved last year and are only getting around to looking for work now, you might not qualify any more. Also, if you already have a job at the new duty station and are just looking for another job with better hours, you do not qualify for hiring preference. Contact your MWR office to find out the specifics.

    Best of luck!
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  4. by   NJnewRN
    I did a contract at a outpatient clinic in the hospital and loved it. I don't have any kids, but the day was shorter and I was much happier. It was 8 to 4pm or 9 to 5. I just accepted at homecare position. The hours are 8 to 4pm. Granted sometimes I might be there a little longer, but yuck. I can't stand 12 hrs in the hospital anymore. When I get stressed, I need my day to be done sooner. Right now I'm on my day off after doing a stressful twelve and I'm still recovering. Good luck.
  5. by   MILspouseRN
    Thanks. I guess I should have said more specifically where to look for job opportunities with shorter hours. There are 2 hospitals in our area and they only do 12s. They have a few short shift areas but none of which they are hiring for. The base is not currently looking for civilian nurses, and there is not any off base 24/7 childcare unless I hire a nanny which is extremely expensive. On base childcare is not 24/7 either. They just suggested finding a nanny.
  6. by   T-Bird78
    Doctor's offices are the way to go. That's the only place I've worked and for that very reason. Good luck and thank you and your husband and family.
  7. by   Nurse ABC
    You could contact your local board of education and enquire about being a substitute school nurse which may eventually lead to a full-time position.
  8. by   traumaRUs
    Case management,clinics, doctors offices....