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Right job for BSN?

  1. 0 I'm a foreign graduate, I just want to ask what's the right job for BSN (4 yrs)
    I just need to find a job to support myself while preparing for NCLEX, any suggestions?
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    I'm gathering you have the correct visa to work in the US?


    1. CNA - need to get certification first but that's relatively easy.
    2. Transporter in a hospital - take pts from one place to another.
    3. Housekeeping in hospital

    Probably anything else that comes along. Depending on where you live, unemployment is still pretty high (still double digits where I live).
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    You can look at research, as an assistant, or maybe even try insurance companies or pharmaceutical companies. Most of the time, non-nursing medical jobs will have requirements like "a degree in a related field" that will gladly accept your BSN. Good luck!
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    I live in Seattle. I inquire re the CNA program it's a lot of $$ , and it will take me a month to finish the program. And yes I've been sending application but non is responding
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    I notice some hospitals would hire you as CNA as long as you have completed 1 year of nursing program.
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    Like what state? coz here they don't accept that
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    Hm... I think most places accept 1 year of nursing for CNA jobs.
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    The truth is CNA jobs are just as competitive to get as nursing jobs now. Best of luck OP. You may have trouble finding anything until you pass NCLEX.