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Need advice on a job offer........

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    So I need some advice. I am a recent ADN graduate. I just received a job offer at a skilled nursing facility for a full time job with decent pay as a RN. My dilemma is that skilled nursing is not where I want to be long term. I would ideally like to be working in a hospital setting. I have applied to countless jobs at all the local (and rural) hospitals, but they have all turned me down as I have no nursing experience ( I have worked as a receptionist in a family practice office for over five years). I have also applied to a lot of residency programs and have be turned down. I am wondering if its better for me to accept the position at the SNF and gain some much needed experience, or should I wait it out and keep applying to hospitals? And, if I do accept the offer at the SNF is that going to help me gain a hospital position further down the road or will a hospital not want to hire someone from a nursing home?? Thanks for any advice.
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    I was in the same spot you are. Today was my second day or orientation in my nursing home. LTC is not where I want to be long term, however, with the huge number of graduating nurses & lack of positions available, it is better to get a job and get your year of experience. After that, you can apply at hospitals. I'm told it is easy to get hired on after you get the experience, regardless of what type/where the experience was gained.
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    I would say TAKE IT! It will definitely help you down the road. Get your years experience. I can't find a job to save my life either! So frustrated. Did get a job but in an office setting :-/. Good luck to you!
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    Plus, you can always keep looking for your hospital job while you are working in the SNF. That way you'll be making money & getting the experience while you job search!
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    Take the job! Hospital positions will open up down the road. An RN with experience is better then one without any.
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    I got my one year experience at SNF (rehab wing) and now have a job interview with a hospital. It's better than remaining unemployed for the hope of getting a hospital job.
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    I would say take it but ocntinue to be aggressive with finding a hospital job. I was always told in nursing school that taking a SNF job is okay to get experience but to stay there less than a year
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    Who knows, you may find out that you love it. My mom has worked LTC since 1980. Start as an aide, got her LPN, then RN and is now the DON ( A rule she has had in the past, but wanted to go back to the floor). I worked LTC for 6 yrs in a different department. When I finished school, I was hired on a Behavioral Health unit, I told myself, I need a job, I can do anything for a year, and then transfer out. Well I love my job and as of right now have no thoughts of trading, almost 2 yrs later.
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    Take the gig, put in your year...Always be pleasant while you're there so when its time leave there will be noone trying to hold you up.