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  1. Hi Maverick, I work both OR & PACU. During handover from OR to PACU. The OR nurse should know alot about their patient. As you would, when you hand your patient off to the Inpatient units or phase 2. Though as an OR nurse I would not be covering the detailed drug regime Anesthesia provided, I know what anaesthesia was used (blocks, general, local, ect.) any unusual occurances, difficult airways, ect. OR nurses mainly focus on the surgical experience, but we also assist anaesthesia during intubation/extubation, lines. It is NOT acceptable to not know your patient during handover to PACU.
  2. ruralgirl08

    Nursing Education Initiative

    I wonder if it has something to do with the election...no idea why the funding is being withheld. Also waiting...
  3. ruralgirl08

    General refresher or OR refresher? Needed?

    I think you should do the RN refresher, it'll open more doors for other positions. I think due to your previous OR experience, you would still be a great candidate if you wanted to go back to the OR. But if you want to go straight back to the OR, do an OR refresher. Hope you make the right choice for you.
  4. ruralgirl08

    Ontario Nurse, please help looking for work.

    Not sure what part of ontario you are in but hospital jobs seem harder to get in to then homecare agencies or ltc. What kind of nursing do you want to do?
  5. ruralgirl08

    Nursing hours and family

    If you want alot of kids part-time work for a large portion of your career, may offer you the best balance. Administration has better hours, but you will have more days off with 12s (working more weekends, nights, & holidays though). Administration you likely gets your break, nursing...not so much.
  6. ruralgirl08

    coronary care 1 help!!

    They just want to see you have it. It doesn't matter which college.
  7. Not worth it for 8hour shifts. That commute is too long. I did 8hr shifts 1hour each way FT. I was miserable. Went down to PT and it was torerable (while I looked for a more local position.) I drive 30 minutes now. So much better. I personally wouldn't do what you are purposing. If you are not willing to move, look for something local. Or rent a room like someone else suggested.
  8. ruralgirl08

    How important is it to start work right after graduation?

    Go to China! Come back refreshed and actively start the job search. As long as you start applying the same year you graduate, and put the effort in you should find something. Thats what I would fo anyway.
  9. ruralgirl08

    Recognized Perioperative Nursing

    I would suggest taking it at a local college, they may have access to placements in hospitals closer to where you live. Your performance in your clinical, may lead to a position after. Good Luck!
  10. ruralgirl08

    Recognized Perioperative Nursing

    I work in the OR and did my certificate through Mohawk. I think all college programs are considered equal when applying for a position. Experience and CNA certification are looked on favorably though after you are working.
  11. ruralgirl08

    thinking of quitting nursing

    Try a different specialty. Not the perfect solution, but maybe another area of nursing may be more tolerable to you. I hated med-surg, but like OR/PACU. I also went Part-time so I can enjoy my kids, as they bring me more joy then being career focused. Also the above poster's advice is bang on. Work to support yourself, do a good job, and have hobbies outside of work. Otherwise change careers if you are really that unhappy. You are young and have time on your side.
  12. ruralgirl08


    You may need to complete additional prerequisite courses in your undergrad, before applying. Check the application information at your universities of interest, available online.
  13. ruralgirl08

    perioperative care RPN

    I do not want to discourage you in anyway from fulfilling your dreams. But as a scrub nurse steady hands in some situations are required. For example: handing up a micro suture during surgery to a surgeon, loading a vascular pledget on a needle driver using tiny sutures, collecting biopsy specimens off a biopsy forcep using a blunt hypo needle tip. Reloading a used suture on a needle driver. I would talk to an educator at your hospital to see if accommodations would exist in this area for you. Knowledge is always a good thing, but being able to steady hands under stress with tiny sharp (biohazardous) objects is important for safe practice. I hope this honest answer is helpful to you and not discouraging.
  14. Maybe talk to rad techs at your workplace, they would know more about job prospects in their field. See if you can job shadow a day in the medical imaging department. Also if there are any other areas in nursing you may want to work, job shadow those departments. Most workplaces support job shadow opportunities, for their employees.
  15. Make a pros and cons list on what you like about being an OR nurse. Are there any areas of nursing that might meet your pros? If not rad tech might be a nice transition for you. OR nurses have a good knowledge base on anatomy and body structure, and are a little more "techy." Good luck!
  16. ruralgirl08

    Perioperative RPN

    Sometimes its better to just get into the hospital and try an internal transfer. Are there any RPN positions in another department where you completed your OR clinical? Also a good base in bedside nursing is still helpful in the OR. It helps with interviewing patients pre-op, (which you may be doing in smaller centres).