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Alright new grads, I am a straight shooter and a bit of a cynic (I like to call myself a realist, personally) - but that is possibly why I scored myself an RN job with a residency, before I... Read More

  1. by   coolmart12
    i'm the same boat too..but you've only applied to hospitals near your location right..?if you can't find a job in your area I think going to another State or another area in your state that have new graduate programs ...
  2. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Quote from coolmart12
    I'm one of those people who have a license in New Mexico but live in California...i'm a foreign trained nurse and no work experience..and i've been applying to New graduate positions in Utah, Arizona and New mexico which are compact states ..i've probably applied to more than 60 online applications so far and received 4 HR voicemails..i've only had my license for 2 weeks so i'm really hoping that the next 2 weeks i will have a phone interview with the managers of the units that i've applied..hoping for the best..
    You don't have a compact multistate license unless you legally reside in a compact state. As a resident of CA your NM license is a single state license only valid in NM. Are you a new grad? (Not just never worked as a nurse but most new grad programs also require that you graduated nursing school in the past 6 (max 12) months. UT & AZ may not be even considering your application as you do not have a multistate compact license so the recruiters know you would have to endorse as an IEN which can take 3-9 months.

    Most US educated nurses spend 1-9 months seeking their first job so 2 weeks with no response is not a big deal. Just make sure you meet the program requirements or the system will automatically reject your application. (Such as hold a valid UT license and graduated nursing school in the past 9 months. You won't qualify as you only have a NM license)
  3. by   WookieeRN
    Quote from nataliep
    Hello, i am a recent new BSN graduate RN, as i graduated i was so happy to have finally completed nursing school, then i took the NCLEX and was ecstatic that i passed it! i was thinking to myself "great now i can get a job" little did i know, it would be much harder than i ever could imagine.
    Now I'm sitting here its been about 2 weeks of job searching and i have had no luck whatsoever. i have applied to all the hospitals around me and have not gotten any good news; I'm devastated. All of this work for nothing!
    Does anyone have any tips on how i can find a job easier? i am only doing online applications, what else can i do if everything is now online?
    if anyone has any information please let me know...
    i understand most places want to hire an "experienced nurse" but how else can we gain experience if they aren't hiring us?!
    If anyone can help me out i appreciate it,
    thank you.
    2 weeks isn't very long in the HR world. It could take them even longer than that to even look at the application. Are you following up with HR about your applications? Are you only applying to hospitals? You need to cast your net much wider than that (nursing homes, prisons, skilled nursing facilities, etc.). Not everyone gets their first nursing job in a hospital.