Help! First year new grad can't pick which job to take - page 2

Hi everyone! I just graduated in May 2017 and I currently have two job offers lined up. I am very grateful to be able to make a decision but I don't know which to pick and I have to make a decision... Read More

  1. by   Lev <3
    What are the ER ratios like?
  2. by   rnmatchmaker
    As someone who currently works in a smaller hospital, I would vote for the smaller hospital (as long as working in the ER and all that comes with it is one of your goals). I have worked in a hospital that was working toward magnet and understand the dynamics of both scenarios. The smaller hospitals usually provide more support, encouragement, and a broader range of experiences than the larger hospitals do. At larger hospitals, your more of just a number. As a new nurse, you will be in a more nurturing environment in the smaller hospital which in turn will help you become a better nurse. Money isn't everything at this point. A good learning environment with co-workers who will support and help you grow is...Just my opinion. Good luck with whatever you choose and congratulations!!
  3. by   MelEpiRN
    I agree with pretty much all of this. Personally, I would choose the ER position as it affords more flexibility in the long-term for career mobility. (And let's be honest, it's freaking cool stuff!) I started in ortho as a new grad- and while not every facility is going to be like this (I worked within a fairly healthy population), I will tell you I forgot SO much basic medicine. You just get pigeonholed into the specialty and forget how other systems function. In the ER you'll see EVERYTHING and learn so, so much.
    Again, think about your goals. The ortho unit may be perfect for you!
  4. by   al3x117
    Do ED all the way!!! You will get all the fun!
  5. by   tacticool
    I'm a bit past your deadline, but what are you after? Are you hard-charging, self-starting, independent, love adrenaline and chaos as well as the mundane? If so, ER. If you like a controlled atmosphere, routine (for the most part), go med-surg or ortho. Not a hard decision.
  6. by   applewhitern
    I would pick the ED residency job in a heartbeat over an ortho floor. Just saying..... those "better benefits" may not matter if you don't like the job.