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Hi, I wanted to let you guys know I finally got my first RN position. The offer came in today. For all the new graduates still struggling, please keep trucking away. I know it is very difficult... Read More

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    Congrats Skyegirl!
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    I too am a Dec 2011 grad and I just started my job on Mon in community mental health
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    Good luck. May I ask if you had prior nursing experience? That seems to be my dilemma - less than 1 year exp.
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    I have had no prior nursing experience at all, never been certified as a LPN or aide. I really had a tough time finding a job and applied a ton! I applied to jobs as a full time job basically, it was terrible. Hang in there.
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    I did not have experience either. It took almost 6 mos from graduation and 3 months from licensure for me. I ran into the lack of experience thing too. Hang in there, you will find something. Widen your search outside the hospital. I am working in the community.
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    Quote from Nurse Connie
    Congratulations! I'm in NYC and it's really tough out here. I have been hired as a camp nurse this summer, I'll be doing 3 weeks. I also got hired by a flu clinic, but that doesn't start til August, but it's better than nothing. I was offered a job at a GYN office but I turned it down because it seemed like a really shady office and I don't think I'd learn anything there. The doctor said I'd be trained by the medical assistant! Anyway, good luck everyone!
    Just wanted to bump this up and let you know I just landed a job in the NICU! I was lucky enough to have the interview set up by one of my professors from school, but I did my homework and rocked the interview! I am so excited as I had just about given up hope at working at this hospital (I gave my resume to my professor back in December!). I know some of the things that helped me is that I am already enrolled in an RN to BSN program and that I had some experience working with kids at camp this summer. I wish all of you still looking the best of luck, don't give up hope!
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    Okay sorry for the very late news....But I was lucky to get a psyche Nurse job back in June...I am so happy I could just pinch myself. I am out here in the Bay Area too!! There is hope everyone...........Never never give up...............

    Newby Nurse.....