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I found out today a coworker dug part of a nectotic tumor ( with whiteness- she was training!) Out of a patient leaving a gaping hole! It was reported to the director of nursing but she's covering it up because state is coming.... Read More

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    As per the Terms of Service......we cannot offer legal advice.
    Legal Advice:

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    You need to understand that the right path isn't always an easy one. Be prepared to be fired for your actions. Facilities do not like whistle blowers or tattle tales. I know there are laws to protect whistle not count on them to help you.

    You can contact your local Bord of health, the state ombudsman, medicare and the medicare fraud line, your states elder abuse line, and if you re accredited by The Joint can file a report with them.

    Thread closed for staff review.

    This link will help.....State Resources

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