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I currently have a 9 year old girl I am taking care of on unit. She was raped resulting in surgical repair to entire pelvic floor and also needed a colostomy. As I change her sheets and such I just... Read More

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    Quote from ssouthernyankee
    The "buddy" of her dad who was also involved has just worked out a plea bargain, he was only sentenced 10 yrs. Again I am glad that there wasn't a trial to deal with but I am upset that he got off so much easier than her dad.

    No such thing as 'getting off easy' when going to prison as a Child Molester...
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    Yup, He'll be at the bottom of the pecking order.
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    Right where he BELONGS!
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    Quote from muffin7
    sharpimom- you are right.....(not sure how to do a quote) the sentence isn't nearly long enough but, in no sense, will it be an easy 10 years for him because sexual predators whose victims were young children tend to be the flavor of the day when they finally get to prison. that's gotta be worth something...

    does anyone know what happened to the mom and where she was when this occurred?
    the state dropped charges against the mom, from what i understand that during most of it she was at work but my lil one told me that her mom said something to her about her soiled underclothes once. so she had a good idea of what was going on and chose not to take action to protect her precious little girl. which is just sickening. but it happens all too often.
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    Quote from Karen1984
    I'm so proud and happy for you and the girl! You are lucky the state let you keep her being a single parent. Here in Tx it's extremely hard. My daughter's godmother's niece (whew-follow that connection) was abused by her mom's boyfriend and so the state wouldn't allow anyone in the family to take her.

    I had to virtually fight to take her instead of her being placed in a overburdened house. The only objection they had, which they fought so hard over, was the fact that I'm a single, divorced mother. I got her and six months later she got to go back to her mother. But that's because Alina did what any mother would do-(she was in jail for the six months btw) she beat her boyfriend within an inch of his life while she waited for the cops to get there.

    But I do have one piece of advice. Be very careful of the mother. Document everything that you can: how often she visits the father in jail, how she sticks up for him, ect. Some states hate to take away parental rights unless they have no choice.
    Thank you, you are correct it can be very difficult for a single parent to become a foster parent. In my state there is such a shortage of therapuetic foster parents that if a single mom applies, goes through all the training and has the resources to support the kids then the state doesn't look down on you too much. They are just grateful to have someone who is willing and capable to take in these "special needs" kids. In this case with my pt. I think the fact that I do not have a grown male living in the home helped with getting her placed with me. I also have 2 other teenage girls who have come into my home since my pt. was placed with me. All 3 girls have been sexually abused to varying degrees. I think alot just depends on the state you live in and how much training you've gone through and the various needs of the kids they are trying to place. Thanks for the advice on documenting her mothers action i do have a composition book that I update everytime I learn of anything that is going on. The DHS caseworker is keeping track of her visits to the jail ect.. she (caseworker) is lobbying to get her rights taken because of this reason. She is not allowed visitation with her daughter at this point. And little one isn't expressing any desire to visit her either. We will just have to see what happens.
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    Quote from sharpeimom
    to do a quote is easy. in the lower right of your screen are two places to click on. one is "edit" and the other is "quote." if you want to quote someone, just click on "quote" on that person's post and their entire statement will appear and you can say what you like below it or delete parts you don't want to quote. if you read your post when it appears and think of one more thing or notice a spelling error do the same with "edit." does that make sense? maybe someone else can explain it better.


    thanks kathy, your directions were really easy to understand.
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    Quote from iceyspots
    Yup, He'll be at the bottom of the pecking order.
    Yep, he'll be the one bending over to pick up the soap for others in the prison showers.
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    Yes, he will get his!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote from firestarterrn
    yep, he'll be the one bending over to pick up the soap for others in the prison showers.
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    glad you are taking such good care of this little girl as well as the two young girls. it is so sad, but they are very lucky to have you!!!

    i agree sharpeimom, eeeekkkk

    poor guys.....they are going to be doing a lot of bending over for the soap, idiots. hope they like the color pink!!!!!!!
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