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There is a manager who wanted an RN to overlook policy and procedure, and got mad when other RN's voiced their opposition to this request. Who is wrong here, the manager or staff RN's. Situation was pt on floor gi bleed in need... Read More

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    That stinks that a manager would discipline someone for simply speaking up about a breach in the rules. That manager should be reported to his/her manager for breaking the rules.

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    I always thought blood followed patient. If the patient was in the GI lab, the primary nurse should have told 2 RN's transporting patient that the blood would come to them in the GI lab, and notified blood bank of same. I also thought that the blood bank needed to verify cross/match with bracelet, 2 RN's needed to verify (which the 2 RN's in GI lab could have done and hung). If the blood came to the floor, and the RN swiped for it, the RN is then responsible for it. And it needs to be hung in a timely manner once you get it, and the immediate need would suggest it going directly to where the patient is. Since the tubing is new to the facility, now is the perfect time to get an updated blood policy in place. And anyone who says to me "you do it this way and I will take the heat" will NOT be the one who holds any credibility in a court situation or when I lose my license to a poor outcome--pure hear-say. I don't like to take responsibility for a critical patient's blood, which could be a matter of life and death, when I can't see it through to the patient myself, no matter if my NM gets pis** about it or not. I would present it to your CNO as a potential loophole that needs a policy revision, more in line with JHACO standards.
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    What a cluster!!! At our facility we have to get blood in person. Pretty much everywhere I have worked. THing about tube systems, regardless of policy- things get stuck in it. things go to the wrong place...etc etc. THings arrive in a tube system and sometimes sit...especially if someone isn't waiting for it.
    Yes, New and newer RN were correct in hand delivering. OMG. I agree, if you have a way to ask about updating policy, this is the time to do it.
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    Quote from elfinM
    Situation was pt on floor gi bleed in need of multi unit of blood.
    I read too quickly and thought you meant the patient was literally on the floor. I was going to say, well someone better pick them up! Ah hahaha. Yes I am easily amused.

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