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    Last friday was was stuck with a 15g dialysis needle. The needle was inside the pt fistula. He is hep c+ with a viral load of 6 million iu/ml. The needle was not lodged in my finger nor was it a deep stick It was only the very tip of this needle. I had on latex gloves and upon cleaning this pt. area Another employee had left the needle laying out after removing it. The needles were out for about ten minutes before I was pricked. I did bleed it out and wash with soap and water. I also went to the dr. and had labs done on myself and the source pt. They are hep b and hiv neg. so thats good news. However I have not slept good im worried sick I have a 3 month old baby and hubby.. i do not want to get sick .. does anyone know anything about this that could possibly ease my mind?

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    My heart goes out to you. It sounds like you have done all the right things, especially at the time of the stick. A quick internet search (Needlestick exposure and Hepatitis C) showed that the seroconversion rate for this type of injury is 1.8-10%. I would do some research and make sure your doctor has followed all suggested tests and treatments. Best of luck.
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    We can only provide support (and websites) but we wish you the best.
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    Hopefully the glove cleaned the needle of virus on the way in. Praying for you. :redpinkhe

    My sister got stuck with an HIV needle while still breastfeeding and had to quit that night, start meds and is fine today. Her son is now 15.

    I've stuck myself accidently a few times with needles of unknown blood safety over the years and so far so good. Just trying to offer some hope.

    Occupational health told me after one stick that my scrub pants probably cleaned the IV cath a little before it flew into my thigh. Now that patient had some high BP!

    Try to get your sleep though because the lack of it will just stress your body even more making it more vulnerable to all sorts of bad things, colds and other viruses too. Try not to let the fear get to you too much. You know what they say. If momma ain't happy...
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    Not much to add but you and your family will be in my prayers
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    I am sorry that it happened and I must say its a horrible feeling. I have gone through a similar situation when i was a student nurse. The insulin pen pricked through the patient's arm into my thumb. I was horrified. However, its important that you follow up with all the blood works, 2 weeks, 4weeks, 1 month, 3months and then 6 months.

    The situation seem really scary, but I encourage you to be strong and believe that you will be fine at the end.
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    No antiviral therapy?
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    I had an accidental needlestick while giving immunization to a Hep. C positive pt. She told me that she got flu shot every year because she was Hep C. positive. And, then I go and accidentally prick myself after giving her shot! My emotions were up and down. A little freaked out at first.(but didn't show it on outside, acted very calm) Ran into bathroom washed it, came out and rubbed with alcohol wipe, applied band-aid. Then on the phone to report incident.

    I was working a seasonal flu clinic. I did not tell the patient, as were out in open area. When I called employer to report it, they asked me for all the contact information of the patient. One thing that I was curious about, is that they did an HIV test as well. I guess that is standard along with the testing. On one of my labs they called and were at first concerned because I showed high titers of Hep B, but later found out that just means immunity.

    I have had two labs, already, and I am fine. I have two more to go. It isn't something that I worry about, anymore. I hope that you are able to stop worrying about it. You seemed to have taken the proper steps.
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    Hi Everyone. Last week I had my first needlestick form a HEP C+ patient. Needless to say I am completely freaked out. It has only been a week, but I had a sore throat and felt tired for 4 days. I am scared that my body is reacting to the virus. I was stuck in the thumb from a tuberculin syringe after giving a sq injection. What scares me most is that I saw a drop of blood on the patients arm after withdrawing. I went to engage the safety, but my thumb accidentally slid and it went into my thumb. I did try to milk it afterwards and washed, but not sure I did enough. I am terrified now. I am not sure I can wait for 3 months for my first testing. I read online that PCR testing can be done as soon as 2 weeks afterwards and that treatment can be started right away if positive. I almost wish it had been HIV, at least there is prophylaxis one could take straightaway. I just feeling like a sitting duck right now. How scary. It makes me want to leave direct nursing.
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    I know this is really scary time. But why are they making you wait?? I've always been taught that if becoming exposed they will start treatment right away. Immunoglobulin therapy, correct me if i'm wrong on that anyone.
    Im assuming you reported this to the hospital you work for.

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