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I have been an RN for 22 years. In recent years, we all know that the trend has been for acute inpatient facilities to try to hire BSN nurses as much as possible. However, another trend that I am seeing, both here on these forums... Read More

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    It's a good thing that people like me will be around to pick up the slack. I am 42 years old, and just starting my nursing school. I want to work with patients. I may want to do something else much later on, but not for quite a while. I have had enough of being the boss.
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    Totally agree, big mistake for hospitals to excuse the value of the LPN's in the hospital team environment.
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    As far as my the nurses I know are concerned, issues regarding shortage in bedside nursing in the future might actually happen. A lot of my colleagues are already practicing as bedside nurses and most of them say that they cannot imagine all their life doing that!
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    I'm afraid that if I don't go on to get a BSN after completing my ADN then I won't be employable in some regional areas and/or might get phased out as time moves on. I keep hearing that the job market is more difficult for ADNs. Is this not the case?
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    yeah, they keep treating us like feces you bet there will be a shortage.
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    BSN nursing student here - can't wait to become a bedside nurse!
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    God willing there will be one less bedside nurse this time next year. Me! I'm starting to have health issues and get tired of being dumped on because I'm a float nurse. I work much better in a quiet office, with no one else around and not micro managed to death. I'm so not a people person and have no idea why I worked the bedside for so long. I guess I thought it would change me. Nope it has made me worse. I wanted to be a research nurse when I first went to nursing school and had no intentions of staying at the bedside this long. Oh well life happens.
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    There is currently a shortage that is going to become worse and worse.

    Its christmas and I'm burnt out.
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    Thousands of new nurses are spit out of schools a year with hospitals not even giving us the time of day for bedside nursing because there are just too darn many of us. Give me an opportunity to work bedside for life, and I'll take it. In my dreams so far, and I graduated 8 months ago.
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    My hope is that the higher up's of hospitals, that force bedside nurses to focus on customer satisfaction scores,will realize that a bedside nurse with outrageous and unsafe nurse to patient ratios will have better satisfaction scores, better patient outcomes and a happy staff once they give bedside nurses safe nurse to patient ratios. Maybe the hospital will see a return on their investment from new grads and less turnover in the unit as a whole. Just my 2cents!

    Michele RN
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