An Alzheimers patient was raped...

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    I just wanted to vent, and talk about this horrible incident with everyone. It was all over the news, so I can share my opinions, and feelings...
    I took care of an elderly lady that suffers from Alzheimers dementia, that was sexually assaulted! It happened in a nearby assisted living center. The police have caught the man who is accused of the crime.
    The staff was looking for the resident, because she did not report to dinner, in the dining room. As they looked for her, a CNA found a nurse walking out of a bathroom, zipping up his pants! They proceed to find the resident on the bathroom floor, and questioned her about it. She had blood all over her. She couldn't answer all the questions, because of her dementia, so they sent her to the hospital for assessment. The ED found her with a vaginal tear, and positive for semen. The nurse had fled the scene, and the police were notified, and he was caught. In my entire nursing career,
    I have heard of stories like this, but had never actually known, or have taken care of anyone in this situation. It was so sad. I have spent time grieving for this woman, and her family. I just can't understand how someone could do such a horrible act. I have always thought Alzheimers as being a terrible disease, except in this case, as she does not show any signs of remembering the incident. Not yet at least...
    I wanted to share the story, if you ever suspect someone of acting in any hate crimes, please speak up. It is part of our job to protect our patients and co workers! I am so sad.

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    Well he likely will spend time in prison, loose his nursing license forever, be put on a sexual predator list...etc. What is SCARY is how many times has he done this? Where else has he worked that he could have done this? Hope the police check this out! SICK! SICK! SICK!
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    I hope this man ends on the sex offender list and is never allowed to practice nursing again. He took advantage of a woman with dementia and should not be a nurse. If he's capable of doing that, he'll rape anyone. I'm glad he's in prison.
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    Isn't it a shame that as nurses and caregivers we are here to protect and provide care to people who cannot take care of themselves, and things like this happens. It breaks my heart to hear this, I feel so sorry for this lady.
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    i'm thinking castration can be a good thing for these types of predators. :stone

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    Leslie, I'm with you 100%. Get a good conviction, snip, snip.
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    I hate it when a nurse is in the news for something like this. It makes us all look bad. They need to lock him up and throw away the key. It makes you wonder what else this creep did and did not get caught for.
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    Quote from imenid37
    I hate it when a nurse is in the news for something like this. It makes us all look bad. They need to lock him up and throw away the key. It makes you wonder what else this creep did and did not get caught for.
    wasn't it a nsg asst?
    not that it matters.
    you always need to separate the chaff from the grain.

    i don't think it makes them all look bad, but only him.
    now if there were suddenly a series of stories about nurses/assts or anyone in the same profession, committing these types of acts, then that's where stereotypes can begin.
    but not based on this isolated incident.

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    :angryfire I am all for castration!!!!! How sick is he?! I worked in LTC for 3 years and I considered them just like my grandparents. It may be a good thing that she can't remember can you just imagine what COULD be going on in her mind? It makes me SICK SICK SICK!!!!!!!!!
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    The post said "nurse" but you are right, it doesn't matter. It could be anyone because evil people populate every profession and it should NEVER color a person's perception of the profession itself.

    Castration is a great idea. My grandmother is in a nursing home with dementia.

    steph :angryfire

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