To all nurses planning to give the H1N1 vaccine to pregnant women

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    just a note for those looking to download the article.

    the embargo period was officially passed this morning (9/30) and the article has officially been released by neurotoxicology today, but there appears to be a delay in the elsevier data operation. we are assured that the full text of the article will be available on line shortly.

    september 30, 2009
    primate study shows significant harm from one birth dose of a mercury-containing vaccine

    in the first safety study of its kind of the hepatitis vaccine birth dose, the researchers showed that male macaques vaccinated at birth with a hepatitis b vaccine (hbv) took more than twice as long as unexposed macaques to acquire three standardized skills typically used to measure infant brain development. the thirteen vaccinated monkeys each received a dose of merck’s recombivax® hepatitis b vaccine to which a weight-adjusted amount of the ethyl mercury-containing vaccine preservative thimerosal had been added (each dose included 2 micrograms of ethyl mercury as opposed to the human infant dose of 12.5 micrograms). seven unexposed monkeys received either a saline placebo injection or no shot at all.

    over a two week period following birth, the researchers examined the infant macaques daily for their ability to perform nine basic reflexes (four reflexes were tested in two ways, so the paper reports thirteen performance results). three of nine reflexes showed significant delays in vaccinated macaques while two other reflexes were delayed and “approached significance.” as for the three significant reflexes, vaccinated macaques learned more slowly to: 1) turn their head in response to a brush on the cheek (the root reflex); 2) open their mouth in response to a brush on the forehead (the snout reflex); and 3) suck on a nipple placed in their mouth (the suck reflex).

    chronic neurological disorders, especially autism, have increased rapidly during the past two decades in association with increases in vaccines (from 10 to 36) and total mercury exposure. in july 1999, cdc, the american academy of pediatrics and vaccine companies agreed to remove mercury from all childhood vaccines "as soon as possible," but it still remains in 16 licenses vaccines, five of which are still given to infants. contrary to its own recommendation, now a decade old, cdc is now recommending the h1n1 and seasonal flu vaccines for "high priority" groups of pregnant women and babies older than six months who could get four doses.

    while some doses will be available in single syringes without mercury for those who ask, most doses contain mercury and cdc has refused to state a preference for the mercury-free versions.

    this study is the tip of the iceberg.

    this paper focuses on one part of a larger comprehensive research program investigating the safety of the entire human infant vaccine schedule by employing standard animal research protocols. the program is examining differences in developmental behaviors, brain, blood, gi tissues, the immune system, health status, pathology, and gene expression profiles between vaccinated and unvaccinated primates. preliminary results of the wider program were presented at the international meeting for autism research in london in may 2008. the presentation suggested evidence of widespread harm caused by the cdc-recommended vaccine schedule.

    i'll never forget this bone chilling e-mail from thomas verstraeten, the first researcher to link thimerasol to autism. in this document discovered in a freedom of information act proceeding, dr. verstraeten is referring to a signal in his research that proved a relative risk of 2.56 between thimerasol & autism spectrum disorders. (2.56 is a 256 fold increase)

    “it just won’t go away”
    from: verstraeten, thomas
    sent: friday, december 17, 1999 4:40 pm
    to: ‘robert davis’
    cc: destefano, frank

    subject: it just won’t go away

    "attached please find four tables with rrs [relative risks] and three sas
    as you’ll see, some of the rrs increase over the categories and i haven’t yet
    found an alternative explanation...please let me know if you can think of
    frank proposes we discuss this on a call after the new year...
    happy holidays!
    thomas verstraeten, m.d."

    in the past month, the cdc announced a 1:100 asd rate.

    remember hannah's just 'autism like symptoms'
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    Pregnant women can choose to receive the swine flu vaccine without thimerosal in single dose vials.

    Many, many pregnant women have been severely impacted by swine flu virus. They are considered a very high risk group for that reason. A young mother just died at my hospital yesterday. Even with ECMO, they could not save her. Her baby and her toddler are now without a mother.
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    In light of this study, you have a moral, ethical, & legal duty to demand the thimerasol free vaccine for all pregnant women, women of child bearing age, and all children under the age of 12 years.

    It's your duty, because, as their advocate, you must protect the parents who are not aware of the danger thimerasol poses to this susceptible population.
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    The CDC does not agree with you, ozoneranger, and neither do I. Instructing professional nurses as to what their ethical obligations regarding flu vaccination should be, is not only on the edge, but it is very offensive as well.
    Last edit by indigo girl on Oct 1, '09
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    Quote from indigo girl
    The CDC does not agree with you, ozoneranger, and neither do I. Instructing professional nurses as to what their ethical obligations regarding flu vaccination should be, is not only on the edge, but it is very offensive as well.
    Even with published proof, you remain happy with the status quo. Until individuals stand up & truly advocate for their patients, this atrocity will continue.

    The CDC is complicit here, and about to find themselves on the wrong side of science, with lead paint & cigarettes.

    How many families are you willing to sacrifice?

    In 1999, in a meeting at the Lister Hill auditorium, officials with the CDC, FDA & vaccine makers discussed thimerasol, and talked of 'first, it should be RECALLED.....


    DR. McINNUS: Pamela McInnus, NIAID. I'd like some

    clarification following this first talk: Are we moving

    forward with this workshop on the basis that available

    data do support the decision to reduce and eliminate

    thimerosal? Is that up for discussion at all, or is

    that decision made and is nonretractable

    DR. EGAIU: Well, let me speak for myself personally,

    and I believe that we -- you know, we, i.e., FDA, have

    made that decision to -- whenever possible, to

    eliminate thimerosal from products. We have asked

    manufacturers and sponsors in the development of their

    products to develop them without thimerosal; and if

    they're not able to do that, to specifically explain


    So the use of thimerosal as a preservative is no longer

    the default option.

    And, you know, we did send out a letter earlier -- sent

    out a letter this summer again asking manufacturers and

    sponsors for their plans to reduce -- reduce or

    eliminate thimerosal in their products. So I think

    that's where we're heading. I'm not sure where the --

    this workshop will be headed.

    from pages 36, 37, 38, 39 of the Lister hill meeting in 1999

    In the 1st paragraph, “on the basis that available

    data do support the decision to reduce and eliminate


    From pages 47, 48

    Plus, there seems to be data in the

    literature to show that infants receiving ethylmercury

    accumulate mercury in excess of infants who are simply

    exposed to mercury in the environment.

    Now, what are the responses of the manufacturers to

    this situation? First, well, it should be recalled –

    This was 1999 people, the FDA & the CDC both agreed----" First, well, it should be recalled" –

    So, there's the CDC's stance. It should be recalled.

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    indigo girl, your faith in modern medicine is touching, but we still have a long way to go. Today's breakthrough frequently turns into tomorrow's "Uh, ooops!" moment. I don't think ozoneranger's posts are offensive at all. To me, they are a reminder that we all need to have a little humility and be careful before jumping onto some new and different med or treatment or vaccine. And perhaps take another look at existing ones.
    The prevailing wisdom in the medical community at any given time is not the end-all, be-all of knowledge. They have been wrong in the past. Very wrong. And thank God for those who bucked the prevailing wisdom and raised needed questions! Who would today believe that people at one time, fairly recently historically, were being told that it was useful to drink water treated with radioactive agents in it? Yet, my brother owns an antique machine that was used to provide people with such treated water, and many used such things. Sounds crazy to us today, but at the turn of the century they were all the rave. Even doctors who doubted they had any real therapeutic value didn't think they caused any real harm. Why, there were whole factories where young women hand-painted radium clock faces, they'd 'sharpen' the brush between watch faces by putting the brush into their mouths and licking the bristles into a point. This stuff wasn't thought to be toxic..uh, ok...If my brother decided to dispose of the thing today, he'd have to call in a Haz-Mat team.
    Vaccination, against flu or any other disease, no doubt has saved lives. But it is also very possible that many of our modern conditions and diseases, including autism and the autoimmune disorders that seem to be epidemic these days, have been exacerbated by the aggressive vaccination campaigns of the recent past. Adjuvants like thimerosol are being looked at with fresh eyes by many today. The pregnant woman who wants a vaccine free of this agent, well, how many nurses who will be administering this vaccine have any clue what is actually in that little vial?
    So, people have to do their own research. I think it's very amusing that in my facility, if we were to break something containing mercury, there is a whole decontamination process that must be followed. The light bulbs that contain them are supposed to be handled the same way. But, we inject it into peo9ple as a MEDICINE!? I can't help but think that people in the future might look on this the same way we today look at those 'radiated water' machines, and think, "What the hell were they THINKING?"
    We need to be encouraging HCW's to think for themselves. Do the research, ask the questions. Don't just blindly follow the prevailing wisdom du jour.
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    The stories about those dead H1N1 mothers are enough for me, in some cases the infant dies also. I would give it. I am not willing to sacrifice so many young mother's for a potential side effect that does not kill. If a mother wants to refuse it that is fine. However, for the bulk of people who want it there has to be someone to give it. I think insinuating someone is committing some sort of crime for administering the vaccine is going to far.
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    "I think insinuating someone is committing some sort of crime for administering the vaccine is going to far."

    I definitely missed that...I know I didn't insinuate that, and I don't think ozoneranger did either. I can't speak for ozoneranger, but for myself, I believe that we, as nurses, have an obligation to INFORM our patients. I don't want to make their decision for them, but any info I can give, or direction I can indicate for those who want to look into it, makes my patient a more informed patient. The fact is that many of the 'other ingredients' in all vaccines have problems for some people, it's also true that most people outside the health care field have not a CLUE as to what Thimerosol is, or the problems it has been linked to. If I have a pregnant woman in front of me wanting to get a flu shot, she WILL be told what that vaccine contains, so she can make an INFORMED choice.
    Our patients tend to TRUST us when it comes to their health...the least we can do is earn that trust by learning and sharing what we know. Wanting our peers to do that isn't criminalizing them.
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    In 2005, Brubacher proved the ethylmercury in thimerasol collected in the brains of monkeys at 37X the rate of the methylmercury found in fish....37X...God, that is staggering.

    Yesterdays publication has now proven that that accumulation causes developmental delays.

    Kennedy Krieger Institute is involved in a study of autistic children & mitochondrial dysfunction, in the beginning, we thought maybe, 20% of the kids would pop's more like 88%.

    Go to Google scholar & search Mitochondrial dysfunction + autism....or Mitochondrial dysfunction + mercury. Go to pub med & enter any one of the 30 trade names for thimerasol & you'll pull up half a million pages in studies, in 15 languages testifying to it's toxicity.

    Some of these kids wil be getting 3 or 4 mercury laden shots. 12.5mcg of thimerasol is 12 thousand million ions of mercury. Multiply that times 4.

    As a parent, wouldn't you think that information should be made available to you?

    Lead paint poisoned children for years, because all the studies were funded by the paint industry......same with tobacco.

    Thimerasol is no exception.

    Everyone of the 14 studies our CDC holds up as proof of thimerasol's benign nature were funded by pharma, or the CDC itself.
    The Danish study that everyone remembers was so riddled with corruption, it took the CDC 6 months & half a million $$$ just to find a journal willing to risk their reputation publishing it.

    Read the Lister Hill transcripts, then read the Simpsonwood transcripts.

    The only reason we are finally getting the truth is because we have parents of affected children that ARE scientists, and they are funding the studies that the FDA ordered the CDC to do 30 years ago.

    You need to remember, Hannah Poling's case never went to trial, in fact, the dept of HHS never even requested her medical records. THEY ALREADY HAD THEM.

    When confronted with a parent who had the resources to prove thimerasol permanently disabled their daughter, the department of justice folded like a cheap lawn chair.

    The DOJ also sealed Hannah's records as part of the settlement agreement.

    30 years ago pregnant women were told to smoke, it 'calms a nervous mother'

    Today, we can only shake our heads in disbelief.

    A fact is only a fact

    until another fact comes along

    and proves that that fact,

    was in fact,

    not a fact.
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    I had the flu shot years ago when pregnant and guess what? My three kids are all healthy, bright (actually rather gifted) young adults now. No exotic autoimmune disorders, autism, delayed development or any other adverse condition from my being immunized while pregnant. I might add that they have all had the flu shot several times and remain unharmed.
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