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Alaris pumps cutting off?

  1. 0 Has anyone experienced Alaris Medley Guardrail IV pumps cutting off when bumped or sometimes from seemingly no touching at all? During spiking bags, walking patient, transporting, just moving pole, etc. Often with a 'connection' error. Sometimes there is an alarm, sometimes not.

    Our pumps are about 5 years old. Starting out as uncommonly 'maybe someone turned it off' to now it's so widespread that we KNOW there is a problem and are afraid a patient will be injured. Just do not know the cause. FDA report submitted.

    Company visited and is helping to discover the cause. However, they report only OUR hospital's pumps are having this widespread problem. We are investigating whether our cleaning products or other maintenance is the cause, but it seems unlikely our large medical center would be the ONLY ones having this problem. Looking at replacing connectors, although no guarantee this will fix the problem. Meanwhile how scary is it that an ICU patient's drips cut off??
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    Ours are fine, no problems like the one you've described. Not sure how old ours are, though.

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    I've never had a problem like that with ours.
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    I had a problem similar to that recently and found that the sidearms weren't all the way on the pumps. We give it a good whack on the side to make sure it's connected all the way.
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    It may be just as tvccrn discribed. If the pump is not tightly connected (with a good snap) the pump movement will allow the pump to disconnet from the power source (brain) and turn off. be sure the pump is connected to the brain with a good snap connection sound, see if that helps.
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    We use Alaris at our facility and the staff love them. I'm new to the facility in a value analysis position, so I'll ask if we've had any issues. Also, do you know what model/models your using?
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    We use these pumps as well. Never had a problem in the over 5 years we have had them. What does the Co. say?
    will have to check to get the exact model. Using Guardrails for sure, have the PCA and apnea monitor modules as well.
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    haven't had too many problems with the Alaris pumps, but the one thing I have noticed is that out of no where, the pump may pause itself, or the battery indicator light will start flashing (already plugged into power outlet) for no reason either. Have had our biomed dept look at those pumps when i find issues, and let them handle it. issues resolved after they inspect it.
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    ughh our alaris pumps always have issues but usually it occurs only when turning them on...then they just gather dust and we have to replace them.
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    We use alaris pumps and this has happened to me twice. A white screen with red bars at the top and bottom popped up along with a different-sounding beep and then the entire brain shut completely off stopping all four modules from infusing. I work ICU and both times vasopressors were on the pump. I reported it but don't know if they ever found out what caused it.
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    What is the model number as I do not see this in the thread. Does the pump given an error code before turning off.
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    I have seen what you are describing when the battery is under 5 minutes and is not plugged in and it just turns off.
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    We have this problem too. We were told to fill out an incident report every time it occurs so that it gets the attention of upper management. Do you guys clean the equipment yourselves with any wipes? We were wiping them with Cavicide and it seemed to be messing up the channels.