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  1. firstlight

    Becoming a RPN in Ontario

    Have you checked out York University for Internationally educated nurses. It is another route But you need time, money and availability Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Internationally Educated Nurses | School of Nursing
  2. firstlight

    4-way Stopcock for Central line blood draws?

    also CardioMed :: Home Use them for all arterial lines. They work.
  3. firstlight

    New RN starting in ICU Question

    Have you tried ebay? With the new AACN Procedural manuel out old ones will probably be posted in time. Canadian site has many posted.
  4. firstlight

    Saw an angry clinical instructor...

    I would also check your hospital for harassment (bully) policies. Every hospital, school of nursing should have one. Policies have clear lines on what to do and protection for the one reporting. We should advocate for these policies. As mortizny says no one deserves to be bullied. Well done Bortaz, RN
  5. firstlight


    Generic name is NitroPRUsside. Found this list of brand names on google for you. Brand Names: U.S.: Nitropress® Brand Names: Canada: Nipride® Mexican Brand Names: Nitan Pharmacologic Category: Vasodilator [TABLE=width: 100%] [TR] [TD=width: 99%][/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  6. firstlight

    PPE for Ebola?

    This is a biocontainment unit in Nebraska. Ebola - Biocontainment Unit - Nebraska Medicine | Omaha, NE
  7. firstlight

    Saw an angry clinical instructor...

    She is being a bully to them.
  8. firstlight

    My Apology

    Believe me we have all done something we wish we could take back. Forgive yourself. Lots of hugs.
  9. firstlight

    PPE for Ebola?

    Thank you for this post. You gave me a glimpse of the horror that you have witnessed on a daily basis. I will go to the web site that you have posted. I am speechless of your selfless acts. Bless all of you.
  10. firstlight

    Have we all thought about??

    I agree with NewYorkerGirl to some degree. What about some posts that are still useful that are timeless. Such as many from Daytonite.
  11. firstlight


    Thanks for the comments. We do not use chlorhexidine just soap and water. I know they do for adults and wanted to know if anyone used on neonates,
  12. firstlight

    What an awesome feeling!

    I smiled when I read this post. Thanks
  13. firstlight

    New grad in ICU, feeling discouraged. Advice?

    First stop the negative thinking about yourself. 17 shifts! Not many at all. Not even a month. It is normal to feel this way. We all have days we love or wish to forget no matter how many years we have. It takes time to learn the ropes.
  14. firstlight


    Hello Any one using sage chlorhexidine bath wipes on neonates?
  15. firstlight


    I saw this trend many years ago. I learn something new every day whether its reading, classes or talking with other nurses/physicians. How can you not? I have always wondered why they are in a rush to do it all so new. Two years is pretty new to me. You need time to learn, time to obtain wisdom and time to build inner strength for all the stresses of the job.
  16. firstlight

    good report sheet

    Have you searched allnurses. Search for report sheet or brain sheet and a few will come up. Its a start.