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What to wear

  1. 0 I will be attending an Open House at a local hospital for nurses. It will consist of a hospital tour in various patient care areas, but no formal interview. What's the best attire to wear, scrubs or casual dress? We will tour patient care areas and meet with Nurse Managers. The recruiter said either scrubs or casual attire is fine. What would you wear to an Open House?

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    Black pants and a blouse or sweater.
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    I'd wear business casual. That means no jeans, no tightness, no cleavage, no advertisements and no sandals, and also subdued makeup.
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    NOT scrubs. Only time your (potential) boss should see you in scrubs is after you're hired and working in their hospital.
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    Business casual. Personally I go for a nice tailored pants and a sweater set.
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    Business casual / interview attire.
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    Scrubs are only for working, after you've been hired. Consider every potential interraction with a potential employer or manager as an interview.....and be dressed for it.
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    Thanks everyone! I totally agree with wearing business/interview attire. Just wanted to get the viewpoint of others. I guess the recruiter stated scrubs could be worn because the tour does consist of various patient care areas (but we've all interviewed and received a tour of the potential unit in interview attire and not scrubs).

    I'm thinking scrubs would only be more appropriate if this was a job interview with shadowing on the unit for a couple of hours as part of the interview.
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    Even then, you'd be better off changing into scrubs after the interview part is done if at all possible. Most every hospital has a locker room where you could change.