What should I do? Interview after acceptance of another offer

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    After much hard work, I managed to secure interviews with a hospital and an urgent care center. I have a second interview scheduled with the urgent care center tomorrow, but the hospital called me today and made a much better offer ($5 more per hour, and better benefits) than what I was informed the offer from the center would be. I accepted. What do I do about the urgent care center interview? Should I still go or just call and cancel? I am so at a loss of what to do.
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    You've accepted the hospital position, and it sounds like you have no interest in accepting an offer from the urgent care clinic. If that's the case, then going to the interview would be a waste of time for both you and the interviewer. The polite thing to do would be to call, thank them for the opportunity and explain that you have accepted another offer.

    If you would accept the urgent care job if the offer were better, then your other option is to go to the interview, explain that you have another offer, but you would accept their job for X salary with Y conditions of employment. If they say no way, then you haven't lost anything.

    So that's my suggestion- if you have no intention of working in urgent care now, then cancel the interview. If you would accept the urgent care job is they could exceed your current offer then go to the interview and explain your terms.
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    You are calling this as problem? Remember when your problem was NO interviews or offers? LOL!

    Cancel the urgent care interview. You have a job now.
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    Ashley's advice is sound. Don't hide the facts. They'll respect your honesty. Is the hospital a done deal as in all the papers and health screening and a start date given? In other words is the job definitely YOURS?
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    From experiences, you should still go to the urgent care interview. 1. Until the hospital gave you paperwork to sign officially offering you the job, you technically haven't secure the job yet. 2. You don't want to burn any bridges because let's say the hospital job didn't work out, and if you did really well at the urgent care interview, they might consider still hiring you because you impressed them during the interview.

    Keep going to interviewed until the day you start orientation at the hospital. In this economy, employers can change their minds at the drop of the hat without considering you at all.
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    I would only keep the other interview if you were interested in it. Let them know up front that you have another offer on the table and what you would need to have to take their job. If you would rather have the job you have been offered call and cancel the other one to keep from wasting everyones time.
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    Thank you all for responses. I do have in my hands the contract paperwork between the hospital & I, (2 year GN Internship contract) am set to sign it, drug test, and health screen next week with a start date of July 16, 2012. Ashley PICU RN - I took your advice, called and politely cancelled the interview. They were very gracious about it.
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    Quote from CrunchRN
    You are calling this as problem? Remember when your problem was NO interviews or offers? LOL!

    Cancel the urgent care interview. You have a job now.
    I am so stinkin happy... my cheeks hurt from smiling
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    Just a CONGRATULATIONS to you!
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    Quote from sauconyrunner
    Just a CONGRATULATIONS to you!
    Thank You!

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