Waiting after interview advice...the suspense

  1. 1 I had an interview with the emergency department. I think it went well. The interview was Friday. She said they will hopefully know by Monday. I haven't received a call. Should I take this as a bad sign.
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    The person you interviewed with did say "hopefully by Monday". I wouldn't take it as a bad sign at all that you haven't heard yet, as there could be many reasons. Remaining patient & positive is tough. Good luck!
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    Thank you
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    I know the suspense can kill!! I was told for my current job that I would know the decision by a week after the interview......it ended up being 3 weeks after that I finally heard that I got the job.Just hang in there!
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    Congrats! Btw Im a new grad so should I wait it out or give them a call?
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    Quote from cutienurse6711
    Congrats! Btw Im a new grad so should I wait it out or give them a call?
    I would say to follow up on Monday (one week after they were supposed to notify you) if you haven't heard.
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    At my first interview for a nursing job, the manager told me they would know something by the end of the next week. It was two and half months before I heard anything. It was good news, though!
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    Hey I'm in the same boat! I had an interview a couple days a go and they said they will call within 2 weeks. But I have a colleague who got hired at the same hospital recently and she told me they called her on the same day she did her interview, they called her in the evening to offer her a position. Should I be worried.. because I definitely wasn't contacted the same day or the day after.. do i still have a chance within these 2 weeks!? Ahh..
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    I think u will get it.
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    It almost always take longer than expected...especially when a holiday weekend follows the interview.Hang in there

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